ABC Fall Premier Schedule

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Tuesday, Sept. 12

8 pm Dancing With the Stars (ABC)

Thursday, Sept. 21
9 pm Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)
10 pm Six Degrees (ABC)

Friday, Sept. 22
9 pm Men In Trees (ABC)

Sunday, Sept. 24
7 pm Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)
9 pm Desperate Housewives (ABC)
10 pm Brothers & Sisters (ABC)

Tuesday, Sept. 26
9:30 pm Help Me Help You (ABC)
10 pm Boston Legal (ABC)

Thursday, Sept. 28
8 pm Ugly Betty (ABC)

Monday, Oct. 2
The Bachelor: Rome (ABC)

Wednesday, Oct. 4
9 pm Lost (ABC)
10 pm The Nine (ABC)

Thursday, Oct. 5
8 pm Big Day (ABC)
8:30 pm Notes From The Underbelly (ABC)

Monday, Oct. 9
10 pm What About Brian (ABC)

Tuesday, Oct. 17
9 pm The Knights of Prosperity (ABC)

Wednesday, Nov. 15
9 pm Day Break (ABC)

Disney really waits to get going this fall. The first dramatic premier is Sept 21st with Grey’s Anatomy. One might think that Disney is banking on all the shows that premier earlier to suck and that audiences will be looking for new material a few weeks into the season. Of course, they could be burying them in the pack too. Or perhaps they’re confidant in the material enough to think that it will attract visitors from the other networks. I’m really unclear on how the mystery of programming works

Of the new shows I’m really excited about Six Degrees (the new JJ Abrams drama) and The Nine. Both seem to share similar premises. So we’ll see if both can sustain an audience.

LOST not premiering until Oct 4th and then only running for 6 episodes before a 2 month haitus is a weird one too. Of course, we then get 17 episodes all in a row. This was done after last seasons fan outcry, so we’ll see how it works.

Which new ABC shows are you excited about?

6 thoughts on “ABC Fall Premier Schedule”

  1. When is ABC going to do a Bachlorette Again. They are the only ones that seem to know how to make things work. It’d be nice to bring back the short girl from Bachelor Bob. Something JO was her name. These men arent doing so well picking the right woman.

  2. I, too, am curious as to what’s happened to “Invasion”. Was I the only one watching? I know it wasn’t everyone’s taste, but it certainly was creative. Sorry to see it not on the fall line-up.

  3. Since ABC has dropped “Invasion” will it air on another channel? I also thought this was a fantastic show and very creative. I’m sick of cop, lawyer, and murder related series. “Invasion” was totally fictional and unique. I hope you bring the series back to the ABC lineup.

  4. I am totally pissed about Invasion not coming back. If it wasn’t going to air again, they should have given some closure on the show. Is some other channel going to pick it up? I sure hope so!

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