High School Musical to play at Disneyland and Disney World

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This year’s most popular Disney Channel movie, High School Musical, is about to find itself a part of Disney’s  theme parks; most likely California Adventure in Anaheim, CA and the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Auditions are underway and rehearsals are scheduled soon to stage High School Musical Pep Rallys with song and dance from the movie in both parks.

Here’s what DisneyAuditions.com had to say.


Disney Entertainment Productions is holding an Open Call for male and female singers to star in an all new high-energy interactive celebration based on the smash-hit Disney Channel original movie, High School Musical. This show will be performed outdoors at Disney’s California Adventure® Park. Performers of all ethnicities are encouraged to attend.

I walked through the Magic Kingdom on Saturday and saw tons of HSM merchandise flying off the shelves. Bringing this hit off the television and into the theme parks could be a great match. Let’s just hope its staged somewhere appropriate (ie, not Fantasyland or Adventureland). Perhaps Main Street or Tomorrowland.

More as I find out about it.

12 thoughts on “High School Musical to play at Disneyland and Disney World”

  1. omg high school is the best movie i love it.. i love zac(troy bolten)his so awsome… this is the bestesst movie eva!!!!

    love ya brittany

  2. hey im interested in auditioning for the show if you find out anything please let me know i would appreciate it.

  3. I have no idea, but I would recommend you Check Ticketmaster and aeglive.com for information. Right now neither site has info on the tour. It was just announced.


  4. best movie eva !!!!!! fancy zac efron so does ma mate i wish i was gabriella and my ex was troy ma mate to be sharpay and her boyfriend to be ryan but we are to young we are 9 and 10 x x x x x x x x love all the songs mainly when there was me and you i sang that to ma ex boyfriend lov ya zac sharay and gabriella are so pretty

  5. i love Zac Efron and me and my three friends love the dvd and the songs. we are practising the song bop to the top with all the dance moves and my friend says she might be able to get us a record (doubt that)but i have always wanted to meet Zac and realley hope i will.

  6. went to see the theatrical performance and was very disappointed to find out the original cast members were not there.
    Kids were so excited when they found out they were going. Very let down in the end.
    Advertisements used original cast members.
    Need to change that so other kids do get confused and cry.

  7. I loved the film. It is my best so far. I love the bit when troy and gabriala sang breaking free. My best songs were get ya head in the game and when there was me and you. troy was a wicked baskeball player.

  8. Now, the show is in Disneyland Paris. I love it.
    A small video :

    Even if it is much better in live! Very energizing!

  9. OMG zac efron is so hot i wish i could meet him and see him everyday.
    all of my friends and me have a huge crush on zac and we fight over who gets to like him the most and i always win.
    we also do 2 hsm dances in our school playground and get bullied a lot but that dosent stop us and it never will.

    love you zac

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