Joe Rohde speaks at SIGGRAPH

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Joe Rohde, executive designer and vice president with Walt Disney Imagineering and the chief caretaker and spirit behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom, spoke Tuesday at Siggraph 2006.

Rohde said computer graphics specialists could improve their craft by employing some of the same techniques Disney has used for years to create its own "virtual realities" for visitors to its theme parks.

"Instead of uniting with words, we unite with the objects we’re seeing," Rohde said of both kinds of virtual world creators. Members of the computer graphics community need to see themselves as storytellers and think of story structure in a nonlinear way.

Hmmm. An Imagineer preaching about storytelling. Stop the presses. Still Rohde is an important force and a great speaker. Wish I could have attended. (Link)

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  1. I completely agree with the article.

    I was at Siggraph on Tuesday and was actually impressed with Disney’s presence there. They had a large Meet the Robinsons booth with a real spaceship (real as in not rendered by a computer) from the movie hanging above.

    Pixar always has a great showing at Siggraph or anywhere they go, but I did not expect Disney Animation to have a completely separate presence there as they did.

    I was happy to see a lot of activity and excitement around the exhibit. I was elated to see the list of jobs they were looking to fill; it seems we are constantly hearing about all the restructuring and cuts. It has me a little puzzled though…

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