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Disney Channel re-ups Mickey’s Clubhouse

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My almost 3 year old son’s favorite program on TV right now is "The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse". So I am immeasurably happy that it has been renewed for a second season. That means I won’t have to keep watching the same six episodes over and over again. Hot Dog!

Also renewed was "Johnny and the Sprites", a favorite of mine for its good message and great music. Previously it was a five-minute interstitial, but now it going to get some half-hour episodes. We’ll see how the format stands up to the longer script.

"The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" is notable as it is the first Computer Generated Animated TV show to feature Mickey Mouse and his gang in 3-D. It was more than a little controversial at the start. The character designs are mostly true, they even replicated Mickey’s famous rotating ears. I hope the second season works out some of the awkward walking movements of the characters and improve the character of Goofy, he’s off model and lacks the famous Goofy personality in most episodes. (You can tell I’ve watched this show too much.)

Oh Yeah, some one named Wilmer Wilderrama, who I heard was seeing Lindsay Lohan at one time, will now be voicing a character on a new show called "Handy Manny". The new show will introduce Spanish words and phrases much like Nick’s popular Dora shows do.

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  1. This is a favorite in my home too. It’s done really nice. I’m glad they renwed it. Otherwise my son would have had to start a letter writing campaign. :-)

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