Woman injured after riding Mission:Space at Epcot

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The local media is reporting another guest injury after riding Mission:Space at Epcot. This time a 35-year old woman fell and hit her head in the post show area of the attraction. The woman was bleeding and complaining of numbness when emergency personnel arrived, so they had her air-lifted to a regional hospital.

No word on if the guest was riding the full spinning version of the ride or the "tamer" non-spinning, but still motion simulated, alternate version. Mission:Space has been a black-hole of attraction injuries for Disney Themeparks.

update: as of 11:45pm, local news is reporting the woman has been released from the hospital.

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1 thought on “Woman injured after riding Mission:Space at Epcot”

  1. How long before we start to see the frauds, the people trying to shake down Disney by feigning illness or injury on Mission: Space.
    Not saying THIS woman is guilty of that–but I’m betting on it happening soon . . .

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