Pirates Movie Premier Photos and Red Carpet Video

Original LaughingPlace.com reporter Kaz Liput came out of retirement to work the red carpet for the premier of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Rumor has it Kaz might have done a little ‘extra’ work on the movie herself… spill spill.

LaughingPlace.com scored great interviews with Lauren Maher (Scarlett in Pirates), MacKenzie Crook and Lee Arenberg (Ragetti and Pintel in Pirates), Pirates writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rissio, and Vanessa Anne Hudgens (High School Musical) among others. The coverage also includes lots of great photos including Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom. (link)

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45 thoughts on “Pirates Movie Premier Photos and Red Carpet Video”

  1. please help me im orlando bloom’s biggest fan and i want to go to pirates of the caribbean 3 world premier but where and when is it? and do you have to get tickets?please help me!!!!!!!

  2. PLEASE! INFO on POTC 3 permier!!! i really want tickets how can i get some?? any info would be helpful!

  3. I have the same question as the others…HELP!!!! I would love it if someone could tell me where to get the tickets!!!! I would forever be in debt to the person who could help me!!

  4. pleeeeeeaaasseee i am johnny depp’s biggest fan and i need to go to the pirates of the caribbean 3 world premmere!!!!!! i neeedd to c him.if someone told me i wood do w/e they wanted pleeeeezzz

  5. Hi!!! I have the same question as all of you guys. I seriosuly love Johnny Depp and I mean SERIOSULY. My friends like kill me because they are sick and tired of me talking about him and telling them random facts about him. But, yeah I would do ANYTHING to go to the world premiere and how exactly do i do that?? Tickets?? or wat??

  6. HELP I must go to the POTC 3 premier I am johnny DEpp’s biggest fan and just like all of you I would kill to meet him, so where,& when is it???

  7. PLEASE!!! I have the same question as all of u guys. INFO ON THE PIRATES: AT WORLDS END PREMIER!!! I reaaaaaallllly wanted to go last year(but i couldn’t) and so this would be my last chance to go. It’s probably at disneyland again, but i NEED to know. any info please tell.

  8. P.S.
    I AM Johnny Depps BIGGEST fan!!! I’m sure you other people like him a lot though. Just saying, making it clear.

  9. Hey! I’m Johy Depp’s real biggest fan! I love him. I would do anything to meet him!I would do anything for you to tell me how to get tickets to pirates 3 premiere

  10. I have been a fan of Disney pirates since I first saw Treasure Island when I was but a Wee Bucko. I am 42 now and so I join the ranks of thoughs who have written before me in hoping that I can find out the answer to the hottest questions out there………. No, not why’s the rum gone? Although, without argue one of the best questions ever to be asked on the silver screen. But rather when and where the premier of P3 will be? The when seems to point to a date in May, but the exact date and the true location of said premier are still a mystery. Not knowing is like being locked in a bone cage wondering when you’ll be served up as supper. HEEEELLLPPPP!

  11. Good afternoon,

    To whom this may concern,

    If you could mail me information on when and where the film premier of Pirates of the carribean 3 is being held.

    I had no idea the actors came to london for the premier of POTC 2.

    This would be an honour and great opportunity to meet all the actors especially Mr Depp for the first time.

    x x much appreciated


  12. me and my best mate are MAD about pirates of the caribbean. I would love to go to the premier of ‘At World’s End’ but I have no idea how to get tickets!!! Can you help me??? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEE. :D

  13. Nat (aka pirates lover)

    If anyone has any info on how to get POTC3 premier tickets can you please let me know. My sister and I are HUGE pirates of the caribbean fans! Please can anyone help me? Thank you so much!!!:)


  15. Help! I too am another devoted Pirates fan and would love any information on the 3rd movie premier! Where is it, in Disneyland? How can I get tickets? How do you get in line to get autographs? Any information would be wonderful! Thank you very, very much!

  16. hi i’m the same as basically everyone else here, i am keira knightley’s biggest australian fan and i luuuuv pirates of the caribbean, so i REALLLLLLLLLLLY want 2 no info on how and where u get ticketz 2 potc3!!!!!! im assuming it’ll be in either london or LA or disneyland, but any of em i’d do ANYTHING 2 go!!!!!!!

  17. Please, I am 11 years old and I have seen all of Johnny Depp’s movies.I love him. Please give me, my sister, my mom, and our 2 friends the chance to see him. That is my dream. I have only been to disneyland a few times, and this can complete my life. I would give my life to see him!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I went to see the premiere last June and I have no idea how the other people got the passes to actually see the movie and walk on the red carpet. I really really want to know how to get those passes to go again for the next premiere! Please Help Me!!

  19. hello,
    i am a big fan of POTC i love the movies i watch them all the time and i am a BIG fan of johnny depps. please tell me how i can get the ticketss to go to the POTC 3 premiere i would do anything if i could go… please get back to me as soon as possible… thank you

  20. OMG HELP !!! MAJOR HELP we are Orlando and Johnny’s biggest fans ever we would do anything in the world to go see them and I mean ANYTHING we would give everything we owned even the clothes off our backs. we would cry so hard if we dont ever meet them so help us get info on how to get tickets to the POTC III premiere!!! PLEASE!!!!!! PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love Pirates and when the movies came out I was soooo excited and I absolutely love them. I really really need to know how to get tickets to the world premier of the third Pirates of the Caribbean. It would be really amazing and if anyone could tell me how you would be my hero for the rest of my life. I would probally cry if I got tickets so I really need to find out!

  22. i loved pirates 1 and pirates 2 i would love to go to the third premier so if anyone knows how to get tickets can u please tell me

  23. I am a HUGE fan of Pirates of the Caribbean my family and I really want to go to the world preimer. Can you Email me on information on tickets please?

  24. Like everyone else I am a HUGE fan of the Pirates movies! I need info on tickets! I am going for my sweet sixteen. I need dates, times, prices…the whole deal!

    Peace && Love!!


  25. i have to go to the pirates 3 premier
    i totally love johnny depp hes so hot
    i gota go!!
    please help me get there!
    how do i get the tickets
    where and when??

  26. so, i think we all agree that we want tickets, but this is isn’t helping i mean i have been looking on the internet every single day for the past two months and can find nothing about the preimer. There has got to be some way to get those tickets! If anyone finds anything post it right away! If you’ve gone before how did you get tickets? I was crying yesterday because i still haven’t found anything

  27. i hve the same question as the ova guys i NEED to go to the premier i LOVE seriously LOVE Johnny Depp i have seen all his films and my m8s r gettin sick of me talking bout it. I NEED SUM1 TO TELL ME ASAP.

  28. I need to know when the potc 3 premire is?
    please some one tell me I would love to go cause I totally love Johnny Depp! Please help!

    I’m thinking Diseyland again, but i’m not sure. I’m getting a group together and want to get tickets before it’a way too late. PLease let me know. We are some of Captain Jack Sparrow’s and Johnny Depp’s BIGGEST fans. ;) Eagerly awaiting my respone. Thank you very very very much!! Aye!!

  30. I really wanna go to pirates of the caribbean 3 premier in london…How do i get tickets to go there. if somebody cld tell me i wld be very grateful.
    Please i need help!!!!!!!

  31. I really want to go to the premeir of pirates of the caribbean 3 in london!! How do i get tickets please if somebody could help me i wld be for ever grateful. Thank you in advance.
    leanne xx

  32. My friends and I came up with a plan to go to the POTC 3 premier but we’re just like everyone else we don’t know where,when, or the price of the tickets.Johnny Depp is my favorite actor and I will die if I don’t see him!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO IF YOU HAVE ANY IMFORMATION ABOUT IT EMAIL ME CAUSE IF YOU DO YOU’LL BE THE BEST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!!!!!THANKS!

  33. Just like everyone else, I would love to go to the premier of POTC3. Buttt!! I really need info on it because I’ve never been to one or know much about them! I’ve read a few of peoples messages above but is this like all American and people going to Disneyland. I want to go to the London one at L.Square. Does any one have details?? Pleaseeeee!! It would be SOOOO helpful! Oh yeah, does anybody know the date of the London one?? Am not bothered about actually tickts to gowatch the film, I just want to see Johnny & Co. on the red carpet, but I want to be right at the front :] (no point being there otherwise Haha!)



  34. I would to know what time and date Premier 3 will be. The only way I found out about part 2 premier is because we had year round passes to Disneyland and we saw a small sign by the entrance. I glanced at it by mistake since it was to the side.

  35. Like the previous entries, I too am a POTC fan. However, my twin sister is an even bigger fan than I. I am writing on her behalf. She does not know I am posting this comment. I would like to know how one can attend the POTC 3 premier. If anyone knows any information on the premier, please e-mail me. As a thank you to my sister of 24 years for being an older sister and a friend, I would like to surprise her with a ticket to the premier. Thanks.

  36. i have the exact same question as all of you guys. And i sord of have an answer. 99% sure it is in Disney Land, and since it comes out May 25th probably close to then. advise, post this question every where guys, and if you get an answer write it on this site. i like have to go see it, i am orlando blooms biggest fan, he is my GOD. Last i heard on this subject, you have to be a somebody and know a somebody to get in. i think the red carpet premiere is the twenty-fifth, but i am not sure!! like i said IF ANY ONE GETS ANY INFORMATION ON THIS TOPIC write it on this site so all fans can know! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! keep this site posted

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