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Scrapbooking the Magic

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I was a frequent vacationer while growing up. Via the magic of divorce, I have two great families. One loved to campout and one loved to travel (often to Disneyland!). Both loved to take tons of photos of the trips. If this sounds familiar to you, you probably have a number of photo albums sitting on your shelf somewhere, possibly boxes of photos hiding in closets somewhere. All precious memories to share with future generations.

The next generation of photo albums is called Scrapbooking. Instead of simple white pages with pictures pasted on, you mix colorful backgrounds, journaling, clip art, stickers, embellishments, and more, to capture the spirit of the event you’ve captured on film.

My wife is someone I’d consider an expert in the craft. She’s made the most amazing scrapbooks for our family, helped other friends and family improve their scrapbooks, and has even been asked to teach classes on the subject. Her background in fine arts, architecture, and framing, give her the vision and skills needed to make these great layouts.

Now she’s decided to try and make some premade scrapbook pages and sell them on eBay to help her support her habit, er craft. The first few are up tonight with more going up later this week. If you’re in the market for some Disney scrapbook pages, I’d appreciate it if you went and checked them out along with the rest of my auctions.

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