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The Disney Blog has the honor of being today’s Featured Typepad Blog. The Disney Blog is completely unofficial and not affiliated with The Disney Company in any way. I’m just a fan who is blogging about something he loves. Just like nearly everybody else on Typepad and I’m happy to be here.

When I started The Disney Blog two years ago this week it was because I saw a total lack of any Disney fandom represented in the blogosphere. Since then the blogging universe has exploded and there are great blogs about nearly every facet of the Walt Disney Company, Animation, Movies, and Themeparks. I try to link to as many of them as I can find and keep track of. But if I miss something I’m always open to suggestions for new posts and topics.

The Disney Blog is written for the casual Disney fan in addition to those with a more than passing interest. I work hard to bring a wide selection of stories from all facets of the Walt Disney Company, its partners and competitors, and the industries it’s involved with. I also try and keep interesting discussions going in the comments, but stick with a strict PG-13 level for a family friendly atmosphere. Alas, I can’t control the content on the sites I link to, but I always try and warn when content might be more extreme.

For those interested I’ve highlighted a few popular posts from the past two years:

I’ve recently started expanding the offerings here with the aim of providing some more narrow content than I can get to here on the main blog. MouseGoods.com explores the world of Disney Merchandise and Collectible while Movieland will focus on the films and film stars of the Mouse House past, present, and future. Both are still early in their development, but already developing plenty of unique material.

Finally, I wouldn’t be doing this at all if it wasn’t for the support of my family and my friendship with Doobie and Rebekah of LaughingPlace.com. Thanks guys for all you’ve given me!

Have a Disney Day!