Malaysia Disney Park prospecting

A Malaysian construction company is in the market for a themepark and is talking to Disney about the possibilities. They’re also talking to three other themepark companies and Disney has already denied any plans to build in Malaysia. So take this news lightly.

Interestingly the company is also talking to Oriental Land Company. OLC owns and operates Tokyo Disneyland while licensing the Disney brand and products from the company. That would seem to have some real potential. Just not for another Disney branded park so soon in that neck of the woods. Not until Hong Kong Disneyland can prove itself.

One thought on “Malaysia Disney Park prospecting

  1. Roger Rinesmith

    The real question here is how does a major theme park work in an emerging third world country like Malaysia? Obviously, Malaysia cannot charge the $50+ USD per day admission fees that are handed over each day in the US. Granted, labor costs are lower, construction costs might be lower, but does this provide enough profit at the end of the day to make it worth the initial investment for a company the size of Disney?

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