Chip off The ol’ Rock

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Action star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is headed to surgery for a ruptured Achilles Tendon. This is putting a stop to the production on Disney’s The Game Plan (imdb). A comedy in which Johnson was starring as an NFL Quarterback who discovers he has a daughter.  Johnson’s quote is perfect:

"I approached
this role trying to be as true to the character as possible and the fact is
professional athletes train hard and get hurt.  My injury, while serious, is
unfortunately common with this type of activity.  I am so appreciative of the
outpouring of support that I have received from Disney, and all those involved
with this film.  I anticipate that with some TLC, pizza and a lot of donuts, I
will be making a speedy recovery and will be able to get myself, and everyone
who has been working so hard on this production, back to the business of doing
what we love most, making movies."

The film was scheduled for a 2007 release but will now be indefinitely delayed. Get well soon – Mr. The Rock. Where can we send those Krispy Kremes? (Link)

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