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Movieland Premier

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I’ve been looking for ways to provide more targeted information about the Walt Disney Company to the readers of The Disney Blog. As part of that effort I’ve begun to expand the network of sites related to The Disney Blog, each with a focus on a different facet of the Walt Disney Company.

Movieland, as the name implies, will follow the Walt Disney Company’s film divisions. I’m not planning to limit the discussion to present day films, but will explore Disney’s film and movie history as well as prospects for the future. Discussion of movies won’t vanish from the main Disney blog either, but you’ll definitely find a larger more indept study of it here.

There are lots of things I just can’t post on the main blog for time or space constraints. But here we’ll be free to explore them in greater detail. I’m excited about this next step and hope you’ll join me in the conversation.

Now… let’s get on with the show.