Mickey Mouse a Mormon?

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The Salt Lake City alternative weekly has a short editorial lambasting church officials for banning a researcher.

Mickey Mouse is alive and well, at least as far as the folks at Disney
are concerned—and they should know. According to some prankster,
however, the famous rodent is not only dead, but also eligible to be
baptized, endowed and sealed (with wife Minnie) in the LDS Church

The researcher discovered the Mickey Mouse had been entered into the church’s genealogical database so he could be eligible for baptism and then allow his benighted soul to posthumously convert. But instead of fixing the security hole, they banned the researcher. Nice.

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4 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse a Mormon?”

  1. Mormon Mickey Mouse

    And Im not just using Mickey Mouse as an adjective here.  Apparently a Mormon researcher wants to baptize the cartoon.
    Im agnostic, and Im open to folks practicing their religion however they see fit. While I don&#82…

  2. John,
    I read your blog weekly and find the info great for a former WDW Cast Member. I am responding to this particular article because I am LDS too. I read the actual article submitted to Salt Lake CIty Weekly and I’m not surprised to find a story like this in their paper. The SLC Weekly is traditionally anti-Mormon and likes to stir things up and this is another easy way to make the church look fanatical.
    This is one person, bringing an unsubstantiated story of their own to the media and then claiming they aren’t allowed back into the geneological library. I can assure you that the ordinances mentioned are never used for anything as far fetched as an animated character.
    Ultimately I feel that the type of info you provide on your blog is typically very informative and done in good taste. This time it crossed the line to make the people of a church look bad by taking someone’s claim at face value and then passing it along as the ultimate truth.
    If it is true that someone was able to get Mickey Mouse in the system, I can assure you that the ordinances were never performed for him or any other character. As with any religion (and most organizations), their are always a few members that are fanatical and make everyone else look bad.
    Thanks for all the great Disney info and I hope you don’t base your opinion of the church on this type of info.

  3. Hi John,
    I read your blog everyday. And you never cease to amaze me with the breadth of information you gather and relate. Thanks and keep informing Disney fans.

  4. I always knew that mickey mouse was a mormon I believe that and I am surprised that only me , minie and walt knew that secret for so long , bye bye

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