2 thoughts on “Family of child who died after riding Mission:Space Sues Disney

  1. erich

    I just rode this attraction for the first time 2 weeks ago. I did the more strenuous of the two options, and the most I can say about it was that during the “strenuous” parts, I felt “slightly” lightheaded for about 2-3 seconds and my vision blurred ever-so-slightly during the strongest “g’s”. I did not walk away dizzy or lightheaded.

    But the conclusion I had afterwards was: Anyone who ends up dying on this ride (during or after), must have had a blood vessel already on the verge of bursting. My pregnant wife waitied for me to exit, wanting to know if she could really ride it. I told her to go ahead and do the tougher one. No biggie at all.

    Frivilous lawsuit, if you ask me.

  2. erich

    But also in retrospect, I’m going to alter my opinion. It’s one thing to be on a coaster ride. It is quite another to watch a very realistic high-res monitor (that looks like a window) and see the clouds above you on the launch pad, and then feel the g’s of the rocket boosters. It felt real enough to this 38 year old. To a 4 year old, he must have been absolutely convinced he was about to be shot into outerspace. That’s fricking scary. I remember when I was 4, my uncle took me on the matterhorn. Front seat. I was terrified, and still remember to this day feeling that it was a ride not appropriate for me.

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