Disneyland Maps

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From the best of The Kid’s Blog:

I grew up in Portland, Oregon. I was lucky to have understanding parents who satisfied my craving to visit Disneyland at least once every year. Still, the wait to visit the park each year as sometimes unbearable. To compensate for the 1800 miles between me and the happiest place on earth, I would study the latest park map and make detailed plans for the day I finally got to visit.

I still have a couple of those maps left and there is one framed right above my bed right now. If you’re like me and enjoy collecting those maps or enjoy planning for your next trip to the park, then MouseMaps.com is a must visit. There have been over 24 different versions of the Disneyland park map. So far there is just one California Adventure map.

While the old ones are good ones, my favorite is the 1995 version 1. The drawings were done by Imagineer Nina Rae Vaughn, but the overlaying ride names were done by a temporary worker hired for the job. This resulted in a beautiful map, but with a handful of major errors, including the wrong opening date for the park.

Alas, it’s been nearly four years since a new map was released. Do you have a favorite Disney souvenir?