The Disney Magical Express Experience

Dave Hill has a smart review of the complimentary Disney Magical Express shuttle service. In addition to transportation from OIA to their resort, guests staying on Disney property can check in their luggage at their originating airport and not have to handle it again until it shows up in their room. Alas, this service is not for everyone and Dave does a good job pointing out some of the systems weaknesses. 

Dave and his family make a yearly trek to Walt Disney World. You can read his 2006 trip report here.

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2 thoughts on “The Disney Magical Express Experience

  1. *** Dave

    Well, not quite yearly — but four times in the last 6 years, so close.

    And I used to be one of those folks who pooh-poohed the whole “regular family trip to Disney World” thing. :-)

    Alas, the link above (to this trip’s category) doesn’t work, for technical reasons I can’t quite figure out.

  2. *** Dave

    The category link is working again. Now I just need to finish my actual trip logs …

    By the way, the service is, properly “Disney’s Magical Express” (with an apostrophe-s) if you are searching for it online.

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