Is he Walt Disney 2.0?

The Toledo Blade poses the question that Disney fans have been only talking about in hushed tones: Could John Lasseter be the next Walt Disney? Lasseter sat down with the Blade for a lengthy interview the provides some unique insight into the sort of amazingly creative talent Lasseter really is and why his new role at Disney is his destiny.

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3 thoughts on “Is he Walt Disney 2.0?

  1. Robyn

    Obviously I have the utmost respect for Lasseter… he’s a talented guy. But he’s nothing like Walt Disney for this simple reason: Walt Disney took great risks in his effort to create works he felt were beautiful. Many times Walt could have easily taken the safe route, the more formulaic route (in fact his brother often begged him to do this) but Walt had a more artistic ambition. He wasn’t so concern with financial safety (often much to his own detriment) and had little taste for formula. Films like Fantasia, Bambi and Alice in Wonderland are great examples of this. Disneyland is a great example of this. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that Walt invented the idea of the full length animated feature film. Even more importantly, he innovated the first animated character for which an audience could feel empathy… Mickey Mouse.

    So Lasseter has a career, as do many more, because Walt invented an art form. Until Lasseter does that, all he’ll be is very talented Creative Exec. at Disney (whose history at Pixar has shown us that he tends to rely on the safety of formula).

  2. whit

    My first reaction to the idea was blasphemy and hellfire, but upon reading the article my thirst for blood has been quelled. Lasseter is amazing and has done some pretty revolutionary work. Is he the new Walt? Of course not. Is he the perfect vessel for that vision? Absolutely.

    John Ratzenberger’s line (regarding Disney’s purchase of Pixar), “Walt has stopped rolling in his grave.” is priceless.

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