Gorilla’s Don’t Blog, (or do they?)

Gorilla’s Don’t Blog is a great start of an amazing vintage Disneyland Photo blog in the spirit of Matterhorn 1955’s Stuff from the Park. Matterhorn 1955 is showing a ton of amazing Adventureland/Tiki photos and Gorilla’s Don’t Blog has this perfect Skyway and Viewliner pairing (detail above).

The Viewliner occupies a unique period of Disneyland history. It only ran for 15 months (1957-58) before the similarly styled Monorail opened in 1959. A figure eight track with a station in Tomorrowland and one in Fantasyland. The Viewliner was a scale model of the AeroLiner, a similar train is still in operation at the Oregon Zoo in Portland. I spent many a weekend afternoon riding that Zoo train and never new the Disneyland connection until a few years ago.

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