Al Gore’s position on ‘Cars’ – cute little movie or global warming propaganda

From the notorious funny Dateline Hollywood website we hear of Al Gore’s take on the latest film from Pixar, Cars.

“What kind of a message does it send to our children to teach them that
cars, which account for 38.2348% of the past century’s global warming,
are heroes?” he said at a press conference outside the Disney lot in
Glendale. “I call on the Walt Disney company to either re-animate this
film so that the cars are all villains, or to recall all prints and
instead fill the 3,984 theaters set to play ‘Cars’ with a more socially
responsible movie.

As it turns out this was not the first Pixar film Gore didn’t like.

In a little
noticed 2001 speech soon after he returned to non-governmental life in
Tennessee, the former Vice President condemned “Monsters Inc.” for
“promoting a radical anti-science agenda that teaches kids there is an
alternate world where monsters live.

Instead of going to see Cars, I recommend everyone take their kids to see a Poseidon/RV double feature. That will teach the kids a hard lesson about the quality of hollywood entertainment and drive them outside to enjoy what little is left of the great outdoors.