Al Gore’s position on ‘Cars’ – cute little movie or global warming propaganda

From the notorious funny Dateline Hollywood website we hear of Al Gore’s take on the latest film from Pixar, Cars.

“What kind of a message does it send to our children to teach them that
cars, which account for 38.2348% of the past century’s global warming,
are heroes?” he said at a press conference outside the Disney lot in
Glendale. “I call on the Walt Disney company to either re-animate this
film so that the cars are all villains, or to recall all prints and
instead fill the 3,984 theaters set to play ‘Cars’ with a more socially
responsible movie.

As it turns out this was not the first Pixar film Gore didn’t like.

In a little
noticed 2001 speech soon after he returned to non-governmental life in
Tennessee, the former Vice President condemned “Monsters Inc.” for
“promoting a radical anti-science agenda that teaches kids there is an
alternate world where monsters live.

Instead of going to see Cars, I recommend everyone take their kids to see a Poseidon/RV double feature. That will teach the kids a hard lesson about the quality of hollywood entertainment and drive them outside to enjoy what little is left of the great outdoors.

2 thoughts on “Al Gore’s position on ‘Cars’ – cute little movie or global warming propaganda

  1. JookyG

    Okay, you almost got me with this one. I know Gore’s a liberal wienie, but this article is satire, right alongside one titled “Jennifer Aniston Refuses to Acknowledge Her Existance.” LOL!

    Anyway, I’m off to see an advance screening of Cars in a couple hours. Yippee!!!

  2. whit

    I believe that Al Gore and his own creation, the “information superhighway”, aka the Internet, is the real culprit. Why provide us with roads if you don’t want us to travel them Mr. Gore?
    I’m surprised that George Bush has remained silent about Cars- a movie that promotes the overindulgence of oil and a world free of meaningless human life! It’s like PIXAR read his mind, all two pages of it.
    As for my family, we are doing our part and walking to the theater to see cars. That should save us enough money on fuel to make a down payment on a tub of popcorn and some Milk Duds. I hope they have a water fountain.

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