Coolest Disney iPod Stuff, but only in Japan

I realize that the Japanese obsession with Mickey Mouse is huge, but why does that mean we Americans have be left out of the fun. Here’s what I’m talking about a new Limited Edition Mickey Mouse iPod Nano that I would so totally buy, is on the market in Japan. There are also tons of other Disney themed iPod accessories in Japan. But in the U.S., almost nothing.

The Mickey Mouse iPod Nano Kit is available, but only if you can read this page in Japanese. Grrr. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places.

One thought on “Coolest Disney iPod Stuff, but only in Japan

  1. Kim

    There are undoubtedly MANY things ‘only available in the United States’ and not in Japan, but instead of whining about it Japanese Disney-philes take their asses to the United States…get over your ethnocentricity “the whole universe revolves around America” attitude…and if not, well there’s always ebay.

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