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High Chair Rant

Today we have a guest post from the lovely Mrs. Frost. It’s all about Disney restaurants and seating for children. Enjoy!

I love it when I call Disney Dining and make a priority
seating reservation. The cast member, who is always very friendly, asks how many
adults in the party, how many children, and do you need a high chair? So let’s
say we have four adults and one child in a high chair. You then arrive at the
restaurant to check in, the hostess finds your reservation and asks how many
adults, children, and do you need a high chair? For the second time…… 4
adults and 1 child and yes we need a high chair. Your name is called after a
short wait and somebody takes you to your table and when you get to the table,
they turn to you with a confused look (because you are holding a baby) and say
"Do you need a high chair?" Well yes I do, however I thought I had
explained that twice already. Nevermind the fact that the little white card
they are holding in their hand with our parties name on it says 1 child with
the letters HC written on it. I have always assumed that "HC" meant
High Chair since the host writes that on the card after asking if you will need
a high chair!

This happens about 4 out of 5 times when we dine at a WDW
resort restaurant.

My second high chair issue goes as follows…….

We had a large party of 6 adults and 4 babies/toddlers all in high chairs. We
made a priority seating reservation, showed up on time, and were taken to a
half table half booth with room for 4 adults in the booth, 2 chairs on the ends
of the table and 4 high chairs all along one side of the table! You would think
that Disney would have experience with seating families with small children and
large parties with small children, but apparently they don’t. I know that it
makes a lot of sense to put 4 high chair aged children all side by side and to
seat their parents across from them because children that age can easily cut up
their own food and feed themselves and know better than to grab the child next
to them …….. NOT!!!!!!!

Thank you Honey. I agree completely.