SeaWorld Orlando debuts new Shamu show

SeaWorld Orlando debuted its new Killer Whale show "Believe" on Thursday. I was planning on attending but my son got sick and I couldn’t make it. Sounds like a rain storm interrupted the show and caused a few glitches anyway. I’ll try to get over there soon. Hopefully after a few of the glitches have been worked out.

"Believe" is another effort by SeaWorld’s around the nation to kick it up a notch in their entertainment departments. To that end former Disney designers and producers were brought in and even a Disney-esque name was chosen (with "Believe…" fireworks on both coasts, something is fishy here).

Blue Horizons, last year’s new Dolphin show, is a definite hit with my family. I’m hoping Believe can match or surpass it.

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19 thoughts on “SeaWorld Orlando debuts new Shamu show

  1. Joey Gibson

    We were at Sea World 1.5 weeks ago and saw one of the “rehearsals” for Believe. We were unimpressed. The show is now all touchy-feely and no longer about the whales. I knew we were in trouble when the “stage manager” told us that the new show was “the story of a young boy…” The old show was all about the whales and you actually learned something. This one is more about a boy who digs whales than the whales themselves. And the only “trick” they seemed to have the whales do is the “push the trainer with your nose” trick. It was pretty boring, which was disappointing since we have always loved the Shamu shows.

  2. Tom

    My family and I were at the opening show of Believe. For my youngest daughter it was truly a day to remember as she was chosen from the audience to meet Shamu and his trainer and also to feed Shamu. The park also filmed the entire show for TV. The show was great.
    The rain did not occur until later in the morning.

  3. d smith

    I was at Sea World on May 11 for the first show and unless you were the girl chosen from the audience, the show was awful. The dolphin show is soooo much better. Who wants to hear a guy talk and talk and talk about himself and his life and how great it is that he went to Florida State and now works at SeaWorld. People go for the Whales, not to hear Tom tell us his life history. It was painful to listen to him and even condescending at times pretty boring, which was disappointing since we have always loved the Shamu shows. A real shame

  4. Amy

    Hi, could anyone tell me the name of the song thats played during the Blue Horizons show at Seaworld.
    Many Thanks.

  5. Alex

    i really liked the believe show it was good and about the blue horizons music it was made special for seaworld but the tracks in order are this 1Marina’s Window and Delphus’ Call to Adventure
    2Aurora’s Dream Flight
    3Fly, Dive, Frolic
    4The Storm
    5Majesty of the Sea
    6Into the Blue and Finale i know this because i bought the soundtrack the soundtrack is sold at manny of the giftshops at seaworld

  6. David

    Hello all,

    Regarding the Believe show at Seaworld in Orlando: I had a similar dislike of it originally but after attending several shows repeatedly, I realized that it is actually pretty good especially if you attend at night. Give yourself a chance to digest the emotional impact of it and think back to when you were a kid and had dreams. It is geared very similar to that of Blue Horizon in that it is a fantasy come true type deal. Also, the music in both Blue Horizon and Believe is quite good in my opinion and I am not easy to please. The Believe trainers become “personally” involved with the audience and even do little dances. I agree a few more whale tricks would be nice but overall I rate the new show at 7.5 out of 10 which is very close to my rating for the old Shamu show but slightly better. The good music, updated screen technology, emotional impact, dancing… increased overall score above the old show which was also quite good but more “detached” from the audience.

    I also purchased the Blue Horizon CD and it is great except for track 7 (of 7) which may have a recording flaw in it I have to check another CD to make sure and will post another follow up comment soon. I became very emotional listening the CD on my hifi home system. It was way too intense for me to hold in my emotions and it triggered a quick rush of tears. I frequently get the chills even on a very hot day attending that show. The finale is very intense for me and the other tracks are wonderful to listen to and pretty well recorded. The total time of the CD is 28:01 or 28:03 which is about what I expected since the show is only about that long. The CD is somewhat pricey at $15.99 + tax but if you love the music of the show, it is well worth it.

  7. Laura Melton

    Does anyone know when the Believe soundtrack will be released or if it is possible to buy it online?


  8. ~*SeaworldGal*~

    Hi! does anyone have the Believe Soundtrack from the new shamu show that they would be willing to post to me?
    I love it but can’t find it anywhere!
    (I know they sell it at Seaworld but I won’t be back for years)
    Please Help!!

  9. Jen

    I love the new believe show. I also love the BELIEVE song and I’m unable to find it anywhere. We have two year passes to Sea World, so I may just have to purchase the soundtrack at the park, next time I’m there. But if anyone knows, that would be a huge help. I just want to know who sings the song.

  10. mark

    ive just returned from florida,back to my uk home and i didnt think of purchasing the blue horizons cd,is there any way for me to buy it online? please help as i wont be back to florida for a long while now.many thanks

  11. Sheri

    We saw the show on 3/7/07. I was very unimpressed, and even a little bored. We had been to Seaworld the year before and were looking forward to the new show, but it just doesn’t compare to the old one. Sappy, glurgy and unexciting.

  12. Torrie

    I just got back from Florida 3 days ago and we went to see Shamu twice on two different days (Whenever we come to Florida we miss some of the Disney Parks and just go for Seaworld). This time wasn’t as good for us, with the Dolphin Cove area where you get to feed the dolphins. We found that they had cut a part off from people and you could only go in if you paid extra money to feed them. While thats happenning, people in the public area are being told lies about interacting with the dolphins. We were told to keep our hands in the water while the dolphins are over in the area where the fish is available to them and they may just come over. Yeah Right! When we told them this they said that after trying this for a few months it has worked out better, they were quick to reply with a no when we told them its better for you because its more money. The dolphins obviously know where and when the fish is available to them and if you not in with it then tough.

    Apart from that, we enjoyed it. The ‘Believe’ show is just not as good as ‘Shamu Rocks America’ but its alright. I think its more about passion and the future ahead. Its about making everything right in the world. There’s also too much war stuff going on in a killer whale show. Little kids come to see Shamu and for the first 15 minutes its about something they dont possibly understand. The thing thats also funny about it is that all of the old tricks have been forgotten. With an animal show-especially whales you would think they’d take the old stuff and make it more exciting, seeing as we were told that the killer whales were being taught new things and that new shows are being made, premiered sometime this year. I prefer the old show but like ‘Believe’ none-the-less.

    I also like the new opening song thats shown at the beginning of the show where words from the song are shown up on the big screens. The words are about the show:

    coz when it comes
    to saving this amazing place,
    The answer’s Black and White
    Its our world
    Its our chance
    lets make it right

  13. Matt

    we went to see the “shamu’s believe” show in San Antonio and it was spectacular. congrats on a great show!

  14. Hayley

    I went to the Shamu ‘Believe’ show in October 2006 and it was amazing! The message was good, the tricks were good, and overall it was a spectacular show. :)

  15. Libby

    me and my fam just got bak from the believe show…I liked it. it wasnt as knowledge filled like it was last time i went but i jus love seein the whales. it was too short in my opinion and they really seemed to just waste time by gettin a few people drenched…and yeah i agree with the person that said unless u were the one girl from the adience it wasn’t that great. But te thing that i thought was the worst is when they were suppose to have the real shamu come out they had some “social difficulties”….i personally think its because he is gettin bored wit the same thing…and if ya ask me this never happened the like 10 times i have gone before to the regular shamu show…overall i don’t know my true feelings yet…i luved the music anyone know where i can get the cd other than at seaworld?

  16. Lindsey

    Hey guys, just got back from Florida where we visited SeaWorld a few times. Absolutely loved the Blue Horizons show, wasn’t as impressed with Believe but Shamu Rocks was a bit better. I was gonna buy the CD while in the park but we had to rush out. Does anyone know if I can buy it anywhere online as I’d love to get it…
    Also absolutely loved the late night Clyde & Seamore show. Thought it was absolutely hilarious!!

  17. Karen Sullivan

    The ‘Believe’ CD is more than awesome. Not only myself, but my 17 year old son were brought to tears by the emotional impact of the songs in sync with the show. We bought the CD and played it continuously during the drive back to Massachusetts from Orlando.
    Please tell me if any of the songs on the CD are in print for choral productions/performances. I would give anything to buy sheet music to those songs.
    Please respond.

  18. Faiti

    First off, they now have the Believe CD in the Shamu Store online, just incase you’re still wondering :)

    But the show is fantastic!
    I bought the CD summer 07, and it still gives my an indescribable feeling.

    I can’t even put it into words.

  19. jennifer

    just got back from Seaworld this weekend and I totally lived the Believe show it was awesome. Blue horizons was awesome too. Catch the Allure show that was good also. Definitely no complaints from myself or my 4 year old daughter. By the way I wanted to also find the Believe soundtrack. The cd in the Shamu store is not that soundtrack. If anyone knows where can us Believe lovers find it????

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