Mickey Gas Mask

Bill Barminski‘s "Mickey Gas Mask" is famous as a piece of art, but this article claims that there was an actual WWII production run of Mickey Gas Masks for children. Apparently the goal was to make carrying a gas mask a game so children would always have them with them in case of a gas attack.

I’d love to have one for my collection, but alas, very few appear to have survived.

Wonder what the chances of this being revived for today’s novel warfare approach.

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1 thought on “Mickey Gas Mask

  1. Yes, these masks do indeed exist. In fact, I have held one in my hands at the US Army Chemical Corps museum. I am also trying to find a surviving example of this mask, as it one of few remaining gas masks I need to complete my collection of US gas masks from WWI to present day.

    If anyone has a line on one, I would be willing to spend a small fortune.

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