Will Rising Gas Prices Hurt Disney

CNN Money analysts look at the effect rising gas prices could have on the bottom line at Disney themeparks.  I’ve been hearing and seeing anecdotal evidence that the last quarter was soft for attendance at Walt Disney World. It will be interesting to see what the company says in its second-quarter results today.

Have rising gas prices affected your decision to visit a Disney themepark this year? Are you considering spending your vacation dollars at the local amusement park instead of driving cross-country? Let us know in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Will Rising Gas Prices Hurt Disney

  1. Jen

    I don’t think gas prices will affect trips to Disney or other theme parks–at $3 per gallon anyway. Perhaps if it reaches $5 per gallon.

    The increased ticket prices and parking prices –along with overpriced food, souvenirs , etc.–haven’t done anything.

    Plus, if parents cancelled their trips to Disney, they’d have to listen to the kids whine all summer.

  2. whit

    The main difference between the high prices for gas and those for ticket prices, food and souvenirs is that most families have allotted amounts to spend and the latter are fairly set. Rising gas prices can raise the cost of a trip beyond a families set budget.
    I know for my own trips to DLR, which takes nearly a full tank for a roundtrip, used to cost $24 and now cost about fifty. That may not seem like much, but for families driving greater distances it can add up quickly.
    With Exxon, Mobile and all the other companies setting record profits at the expense of Joe Citizen, perhaps Disney should follow up their McDonald’s move with cutting ties to any oil/gas company sponsorships. This would send a strong message, especially with Cars opening next month.
    In the meantime Disney may want to consider lower ticket prices for visitors that live further away. They do it for locals and we can take a bus there.

  3. Chris

    I don’t think it will affect attendance. I know some people are still planning on going on vacations via both the car and/or airplane and will just have to live with the new prices for gas.

    However, it might affect whether someone stays at a Disney hotel vs. a cheaper hotel. It may also affect the gift purchases, food purchases, etc.

  4. Pam Rangel

    We are considering cancelling our Disneyworld vacation as RV owners who drive to Disney gas prices are making it so we can no longer afford to get to FLA. We are upset but there comes a amount that is just to high to add on top of the vacation amount. Plus we come from across the country to go to disneyworld.

  5. MARK

    I think Disney would come out ahead if their ticket prices are the same as the Southern California area gets. Disney’s practice of doing this, would increase their ticket sales and surrounding busniess’s which in turn would make the Disney Company look very good!
    Just my thoughts…………and THX……..

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