The New Clubhouse

As reported earlier, The Disney Channel has added a new show to the Playhouse Disney line-up.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a computer generated animation that borrows from some of the more successful programing available on children’s television.  With obvious nods to Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues, Little Einsteins and Jo Jo’s Circus, Mickey and the rest of the featured "Big Five" encourage viewers to interact and "help" the cast in completing the respective task of the day.  There are choices to be made, songs to sing and dances to dance. 

The show first aired on May 5, 2006, exactly one year into the Greatest Celebration on Earth, although judging by the lack of mention this is apparently pure coincidence.  In my opinion it is rare that Disney misses an opportunity to use one medium to support another, and while the Disney Channel isn’t officially part of Disneyland it is incorporated enough within the parks that they could have created the connection if they chose to.  Also, on topic of airing dates, I found it odd that a show that starts in May would run a Valentine’s Day episode on day two.

Personally, my favorite part of the new Mickey program is the theme music (provided by They Might Be Giants) and the references that tie the Clubhouse with The Club, namely an opening roll-call and a closing "see ya real soon!"

It is a well done production and a welcome addition to morning programming, and if my soon to be three year old is any indication, it is also a hit.