Worker Shortage continues at Disneyland

The serious shortage of workers continues at Disneyland. Now they’re offering increased wages and college credit to college students. There used to be a time when Disney had to turn away college students who wanted to work at Disneyland just to get that name on their resume. That ended sometime around the middle of Eisner reign over the parks. It’s been that long since anyone has uttered the phrase ‘Disney Excellence’ without some sense of irony and that’s a shame.

All is not lost, however. Disney can return to that level of cache with four simple steps: 1) increased training of new employees and ongoing classes for long term employees, 2) increased pay to match regional living costs, 3) free onsite health clinics, and 4) a clear path of advancement through the company for park management who start on the front lines (that door has been mostly shut since Paul Pressler was brought in). I’m not holding my breath, however.

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