You may have heard that Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion is undergoing a re-themeing by Imagineering to help add a clear sense of storyline throughout (this has been attempted before to mixed degrees of success). The first of the new scenes have been revealed and this thread on a Disney fan discussion board has photos of some of the changes made to the attic scene.

So far I like what I see… the bride (now named ‘Constance’) is now a serial bride and husband killer with photos of her and all her past husbands in the attic (along with what looks like wedding gift loot). Also notice that Constance is wearing the same dress in each photo (but I don’t understand why the dress on the ‘ghost bride’ is different) and appears to be unaging.

update: Chef Mayhem on has even more details on how the actual ride-through works (with plenty of spoilers)


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