Lost: Don’t Drive Drunk, or else…

I don’t care what Damon Lindelof says, last night’s episode of Lost was a powerful message against drunk driving, even if by coincidence. The whole thing about players … er castaways… er losties getting dead as soon as their story arc concludes is getting tiresome. Sure, Ana Lucia finally decides to return to the good side, but then why not let her explore the ramifacations of that a bit. But no *blam* gunshot to the gut (the same way Shannon got hers).

The other major problem I had with last nights episode was that Jack and Kate both know that ‘The Others’ are not dirty people living in camps, so they should have seen that Michael wasn’t telling them the whole story. For a group of people getting kidnapped, attacked, invaded, etc… they’re still awfully trusting of each other. I guess we’re supposed to believe the desire to get Walt back over came those holes in Michael’s story. Plus we know they’re not that lightly armed since Jack, Sawyer, and Locke handed over four guns and ammo that night in the forest. Some things aren’t adding up here.

Meanwhile J.J. Abrams talks about the end of Alias and the future of LOST in this interview. I’m sticking with it, despire the plot holes, the story is getting good again.