The New Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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The new pre-school age targeted show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse had its debut at Disney-MGM Studios yesterday. Reports were generally positive and that the kiddies loved it. Rebekah from provides great video and photo coverage and the original press release is here.

I suspect I’ll have many hours of time to explore the show with my own pre-school aged child. I hope they can pull off the 3D CG Mickey Mouse and his friends.

4 thoughts on “The New Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”

  1. The commercials alone have proven a big hit in my home. Disney has been facing some pretty stiff competition in the pre-school morning programing wars- Nick’s Dora, Blue’s Clues, The Backyardigans and The Wonder Pets have all taken over my son’s routine. I would love to have him stick around the Disney Channel after Little Einsteins is over, but it has been a little Doodle-Boppy for him (thankfully, I couldn’t sit through that one either).

  2. So this is a new television show? Is it supposed to just be Mickey and friends in CG or is going to be a clip show similar to the House of Mouse?

  3. we do not like the new mickey mouse show. we switch the channel when this show starts to sesame street. we like the old line up better!!

  4. My one year old grandson loves the show and even recogizes the characters. Can’t wait to take him to Disneyworl. The line up of all programs are wonderful he doesn’t move until all shows have gone off.

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