Can Lost End Well?

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Eric has posted an interesting look at the possible scenarios for LOST and how it will playout over the next number of seasons. Will the story arc end naturally? or will it be extended unnaturally a la the X-Files, and lose most of its audience in the meantime. What do you think? (link)

3 thoughts on “Can Lost End Well?”

  1. Like X-Files once was, Lost is my favorite show. It seems, though, that the writers have planned ahead, so I hope the show never jumps the shark. Proof of a master plan is in the episode where Boone used the radio on the crashed Nigerian plane. In a much later episode, we learn that Bernard was on the other end of that transmission. And on an even later episode, we learn that Ecko’s brother was on that plane. I hope they’ve planned subsequent seasons as well as they planned the first two.

  2. Didn’t one of the two on the raft actually jump over the shark in the early eps of this season?

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