Mickey Full of Hot Air?

Mickeyballoon Laughing Place is reporting that the Disneyland Resort 50th anniversary celebration is officially full of hot air, but in a good way, with a 100-foot tall, Mickey Mouse-shaped hot air balloon dubbed “The Happiest Balloon On Earth” .The Mickey balloon will travel throughout the western United States and Canada during its 11-week tour. It will also become the first hot air balloon to ever rise over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

According to the article,  “The Happiest Balloon On Earth” is comprised of Mickey’s grinning face, and topped with a pair of 53 ft wide gold “Mickey Mouse Club” style “Mouse Ears”.

The tour started this week in Tucson (March 30-31) and continues along this itinerary: 

  • Phoenix, AZ: April 3-4

  • San Diego, CA: April 6-7

  • Fresno, CA: April 17

  • San Francisco, CA: April 19-20

  • Sacramento, CA : April 25-26

  • Vancouver, BC: May 2-3

  • Seattle, WA: May 9-10

  • Portland, OR: May 15-16

  • Salt Lake City, UT: May 22-23

  • Albuquerque, NM: May 25 – 26

    One interesting note, the majority of my family lives in Tucson and many are Disney fans as well as savvy to local events.  None of them have seen a single mention of this event in any news or community publication.  Internet sources claim that the balloon did appear at the University of Arizona on the mall lawn.