Magic Kingdom Vs. Big Apple

Steve Jobs, Pixar and Apple CEO, has a vision.  He may also be biting off more than he can chew.  As if a legal battle over company logos with The Beatles wasn’t enough he now seems poised to take on the trademarked nickname of the United State’s largest city.

What is especially disturbing is that the reasoning for the inevitable confrontation, his previously mentioned vision, is something that will shake the very foundation of The Disney Company.  He is proposing that in order to generate more business at Disney’s California Adventure the park needs some major changes- including the name and theme.  Jobs has stated that they need to build a better mousetrap, a choice of words that does not sit well with Disney.

His plans for the new park?  You guessed it, The Big Apple.  Plans are already underway to theme the park with downloadable features and locations that incorporate ipods (available throughout the park) with merchandise such as Pixar music and video as well as park information.

It remains to be seen whether or not his proposal will be accepted.  Up to the minute information is available here.