Introducing Whit Honea, Guest Blogger

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I’m excited to introduce to you a new Guest Author for The Disney Blog – Whit Honea. I’ve enjoyed reading Whit’s witty posts on his own blog including this New Year trip report. His love for Disney runs deep as does his passion for his family, so I know I’m leaving you in good hands for the next week or so.

Here’s a quick bio:

Whit Honea is a father of two great boys (and a husband to one lovely lady). He is a struggling writer and a successful bartender. His love for Disney began as a boy with yearly family trips from Tucson to Disneyland, an official Mickey Mouse Club certificate on his bedroom door, and two front teeth that would make Goofy proud.  He had a brief run as a cast member working for The Disney Store (back in the glory days) and has spent more money on Disney merchandise than on his college education and his house combined. He proposed to his wife at The Magic Kingdom in the rose garden and has the pictures to prove it.  Further evidence of his existence, including the occasional Disney rant, can be found in these ramblings.

With that I’ll leave you in Whit’s very capable hands. On preview you have an exciting week ahead of you. Good night and Good luck Whit.