‘Cars’ to premier at Charlotte Motor Speedway

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On May 26th make your way to Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in a huge premier for ‘Cars’ the latest from Pixar animation studio right in the middle of a big race weekend. 30,000 tickets will be sold and proceeds will benefit charities close to NASCAR and the speedway’s heart. There’s actually a mock-up of the premier at the Lowe’s speedway site, and a place where you can buy tickets. Kinda reminds me of Pocahontas in the Park. Wish I could be there. [link]

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  1. We went to Charlotte last night and the events were AMAZING!!! My mother and I took three of my children, my husband is serving in Iraq, and I can’t say what a GREAT time we had. I couln’t get over the events before the movie. My 19 month old had a blast. He sat in my lap and clapped and danced, loved the “race”, and watched all but the last 15 minutes of the movie, he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore, but he sure tried. The other children had a wonderful time as well. The fireworks, I have never seen such an awsome display ever, even on TV, however they were so loud it scared my baby to death, he still tried to watch the “lights”. I am so glad that the military families were given this oppertunity. THANK YOU!

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