Stock Holder Meeting Roundup

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The annual stock holder meeting was held on Friday at The Pond in Anaheim this year. It was nice to see that they handed out one-day passes to Disneyland to attendees, a tradition they had dropped in recent years. This year the theme was ‘no news is good news’. With no major controversy brewing (well except a possible strike at Disneyland) all the little causes had their voices heard, and according to reports, the Bob Iger answered them well (although perhaps not to each causes liking).

Of particular note was Bob Igers reveal that more and more TV shows would be available for download. Some free but includes viewing of advertising. Some sans ads but at a premium price.

The highlight of the covention was an appearance by John Lasseter. Besides a good pep talk, Lasseter rolled a trailer for ‘Cars’ and a preview of ‘Ratatouille’. live blogged the event in their Latest column. (Start here and work forward through time.)

CartoonBrew thinks the biggest news was that Brad Bird has been given the director’s seat for Ratatouille. He takes over from Jan Pinkava (who directed the oscar winning short Geri’s Game).

Ken Pellment (SFH) was at the meeting and provides his recap in typical witty fashion.

The AP covered the event.