John Lasseter

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I missed this one in USA Today a few days ago, but it’s a good read on John Lasseter and worth checking out if you missed it too.

John Lasseter is a hugger, not a handshaker. The whimsical whiz behind Pixar, the premier maker of computer-animated family films, greets his guest with outstretched arms and a grin that recalls Toy Story’s intrepid space ranger Buzz Lightyear.
Lasseter blames his "formal" attire – a muted Hawaiian shirt rather than his preferred loud variety, slacks and shoes in place of jeans and sneakers – on the Oscar-nominee luncheon he had to attend in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

Many claim Lasseter is being placed so high on a pedestal he’s bound to fall. I hope he’s watching out for that too. Eisner used fall-guys all the time.

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