Pirates Red-Carpet Event at Disneyland Confirmed

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Fans of Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, and Orlando Bloom get ready. The movie premiere for Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest will be at Disneyland on June 24th. This time they’re going to close the whole park at 5pm rather than deal with the crowd control mess that the premier created last time. To compensate DCA is staying open until 11:00pm and Disneyland will open at 6:30am that morning. Also be prepared for closures in the New Orleans Square area the week before as they set up for the event.

I’m fairly certain they’ll do the red carpet walk early enough that regular fans will be able to line up on one side of Main Street to see their favorite stars as they did during the last premier. I also understand a limited number of tickets to see the movie itself will be available. (Probably as contest prizes.) But stay tuned for more details.

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217 thoughts on “Pirates Red-Carpet Event at Disneyland Confirmed”

  1. Why would they put the premiere on a Saturday during the summer? I would love to go and try to see people, but I’m blacked-out that day. I only have 41 blackout days a years, and they choose to put the premiere on one of those days. That really pisses me off.

  2. I think the premiere should be in WALT DISNEY WORLD. Then I would be able to go. I can’t fly out to Disneyland. I can’t afford that. It would have been so exciting if the premier was in Orlando. Well, maybe the Third POTC premier can be in Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida.

  3. Well.. I can’t afford to fly out to WDW. The 45-minute drive to Disneyland will be well worth it. I’ll send you pictures and “wish you were here” postcards! :P

  4. sue krystafik&erika hill

    how can people [not actors ] can go see the premiere of pirates . how do we did a ticket for it and how much will it cost? and also i think that the premiere of pirates should stay that disneyland not disnyworld

  5. I also think it has to stay in disneyland, I’m so excited to go to the premiere! But I’m also curieus for the price of the tickets. If I can’t make it inside of the movie, then I’m at least happy that I saw Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp!!

  6. Why can’t they just have two premieres. This way for the most part everyone will be happy. I mean why not : one in Disneyland and Disneyworld. Its not like they don’t have the money to do something like that righ ? : if anything it would help make more money.
    Either way I can’t wait to see the POTC 2 Dead Mans Chest.

  7. I am really close to Disneyland and I would like to know how to see the movie at Disneyland and go see the actors???? Do I have to call some one?

  8. That is great i was hoping to go to this premier. What is the cost of the tickets? Email me please!!!!

  9. Elizabeth Castaneda


    I’m from Ohio & I’m flying out on June 21st-27th. I planned my trip around this premiere in hopes of seeing Johnny Depp. We go to CA every year. We’ve been in Hollywood for a movie premiere & got to see the actors arrive & actually got to shake one of their hands! I was hoping the premiere would be @ the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood, but Disneyland will be neat as long as the fans will be allowed to see the arrivals! Last year I missed the chocolate factory premiere by two days! How do you get tickets for the actual premiere? If anyone finds out let me know. Liz

  10. So Theres actually tickets to see the premiere showing of the movie available to buy? and how do you get ahold of these tickets if they’re avaiable?

  11. I think that POTC 2 premier should have been in Orlando. Give us east coast people a chance to see Johnny Depp.

  12. Seriously…why the hell would they put it in Disneyland? I mean both of the parks have the rides but Disney World is so much bigger. Its more popular. Why premiere it in Disneyland? Thats like premiering Harry Potter in Canterbury instead of London….its just not something you do! Its so stupid.

  13. Its great that they have a date for the Disneyland premiere for pirates 2, but does anyone know when the LONDON premiere will be? My friend and I live in the north of England and we really want to go to London to see Orlando, Johnny & Keira (if they come to England, that is) but I’m hoping it won’t collide with our AS level exams. If anyone knows when it will be please let me know!!

  14. Danielle O'Connor

    I live in the north of England to and i thought that if there was a premiere in disney then there wouldn’t be another one! i hope i’m not right because i really want to go! i’ll try and find out more information

  15. YAY!!!! I’m gonna go see the premiere. I missed the first one by a couple of days. Hopefully ill get a pic w/ Orlando. They should have a premiere at both parks to make everybody happy. When tickets come out i have to buy them!

  16. I’m so glad The Premiere going to be at Disneyland again I miss the last one just by a week I was dieing after I found out it was the week after we were at Disneyland so I’m so glad to here there coming back because I will so be there and I think its cool there doing it at Disneyland and not disney world because thats where the first Pirates of the Caribbean Ride was made all the other were made after so I’m going to be for sure POTC ROCKS

  17. So how can i get tickets to see the premiere?? i love Orlando Bloom!!!it would be really cool if i could see him….and of coarse i am a fan of the movies.very glad itz gonna be in disneyland only an hour drive!…YES!!!!! =D

  18. Would lv 2 fly to america for the premiere but i have a serious lack of funds… plus school! there will be a london premiere after the us one cos there was with the last film, so hopefully i can go there!! if anyone does find out about ticket sales, please let me no an il love you forever!!
    PS… orlando is the sexiest guy ever!

  19. Ok, I can’t help but notice that we are having the same question (which I am also about to ask) and no answers; is the public actually able to purchase tickets to the premier, or is this just a bunch of wishful thinking? I’ve searched the web and haven’t found anything that suggests we have a chance of attending. Please let me (us) know if you know otherwise!

  20. The public is not avalible to purchase tickets for everyone who is wondering. This lady that I babysitt for, her cousin is a makeup artist in Hollywood and she says that tickets like that for the general public are only avalible through contests and such. If they do go on sale without a contest they will be put up for auction for a Cause (ie: Cancer funds or something) and will cost a load of money. =[
    I wish I could go to the premiere!!!!

  21. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I think Disneyland is the best place for the premiere. After all it was the first Disney park. California is where most of the movie premieres take place. I can’t wait to be there on that day! I know from being in Hollywood that you have to get a good spot by the red carpet VERY early. You can bet I’ll be there early to find a good spot! It would be a dream come true to see Johnny Depp in person & take a picture of him!! Does anyone know who runs this site? On seeing-stars.com it tells all the upcoming premieres & Pirates is listed. This site is great for finding out where you can go to see the stars.

  22. so the tickets are limited right? and we could only attain them from contests? is there a way of buying them? and on june 24. disneyland will open at 6:30 am? . can anyone help me? haha.

  23. Elizabeth Castaneda

    Disneyland is open from 6:30 AM- 5:00 on June 24th. You can go to Disneyland’s website & get their calendar for June.

  24. Why did they have to make the premiere in Disney Land? They had it there last year! I live in PA and it would cost a fortune to fly out to California! I really was looking forward to it being in Florida…I mean give the people on the east coast a chance to see the stars in the movie too! Grr that makes me soo mad! I really want to see Orlando!!!!!

  25. YAY! i’m gonna go see orlando bloom and johnny depp in disneyland! i’m so happy!!! =D now i was wondering about the tickets. how do i get them? i need information PLEASE! hehe =]

  26. I will be in California on the premiere dates and plan to stay at the park all day.
    If I get in early at 7AM & I have no intention of leaving until after the red carpet. I mean they aren’t going to kick us out if we’re already there. I think that if you pay for the price of the park,you should be able to stay for the event. I get the impression they are not going to let any more people in after 5 PM. That makes more sense to me. So get there before 5 PM.and just stay for the event. Sounds good to me I’ll have my camera ready to go.

  27. please email me with info on the premiere for pirates 2. How can i get tickets? please let me know I have to go see my sexy pirate. I will appreciate it.. You have no idea how much I love Captain Jack Sparrow. Johnny is so Hot!!! please please

  28. I haven’t heard anything about the premiere being @ Disneyworld. On seeingstars.com Disney confirmed that the premiere is @ Disneyland on the 24th. I’m going to get there early too. I’ll be staying right across from the entrance so it’ll be conveninet to go early. It also says that the people in the park should be able to stay for the red carpet arrivals. I can imagine how croweded it’ll be around the red carpet. Better get a spot early! My main reason for going to Disney that day is to be there for the red carpet to see Johnny Depp! I’m a BIG fan. California Adventure is open later that day to compensate for Disneyland closing early.

  29. So, will you just be able to buy park ticket’s and see the red carpet? Or do you have to buy the premier tickets to get into the park? I’m dying to see my love, Orlando!Please answer!

  30. hi i’m jessica ,listen i’m new in this so i want to know who i can go to the premier um please tell me i’m dying to see my two favorites actors i mean johnny and orlando please tell me everything because i want to go well i’m mexican but i live in puerto rico so please write me an e-mail ok well thank you very much.

  31. I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. I can’t decide if I want to try to go this year or wait til next summer. Maybe if I wait for the third one, they will have it at Disneyworld and do it bigger and better to complete the trilogy. That’s my prediction. So I think I’ll wait and save up for next summer.

  32. Elizabeth Castaneda

    You just pay to get into Disneyland that day & you can stand around for the red carpet. You don’t have to pay to see that. I’ve been around plenty of red carpets. You cannot go to the actual premiere just watch the stars as they arrive. That’s quite an experience in itself…

  33. The premiere is at Disneyland, June 24
    Disneylands hours that day 6:30 to 5pm
    They are NOT selling tickets, you cannot buy them.
    This event is not open to the general public.
    Unless you have some really good connections or are extremley rich to buy tix at auction, you can only see the stars walk by on the red carpet, if you’re lucky, because there is going to be tons of people there.
    The POTC ride is re-opening that day, with characters from the movie and a story line.
    If you do go, your best bet is to stay overnight the night before at a local hotel, be there when they open, and sit for hours and hours along Main Street, because if you move, you WILL lose your spot. Good luck ! Hope I see Johnny! :)

  34. Oh no! That’s a nightmare! I thougt the premier would be on July 7. Each page in the internet told me that. I’m from Germany and I booked a flight to CA on July 5th to be able to see Johnny at the premier… but it was just a dream. I’m lost! Johnny means much to me and I’ve been the happiest person on earth till I read this news. Oh no!
    Does anybody know when I can see Johnny at another premier?… in Europe?

  35. That’s too bad that you already booked your flight, how terrible! I booked a flight last year to be in Hollywood for the Charlie & The Chocolate Factory premiere & missed it by a few days! It’s hard to plan a trip around a premiere. If you want to find out about premieres go to seeing-stars.com. Disney has confirmed that it is on June 24th @ Disneyland. Your sure coming from far away! I feel bad. Can you change your flight? Have you ever been to CA? There’s plenty to do.

  36. heyy ! yeah basically same question as like every other girl . lols. how do we get them tickets?!?! hahaha (= thanksss to whoever knows. can we buy them? lol. can anyone email me back telling me? please and thank youuu !

  37. just to let everyone know, the pirates ride will not be re-opened for the day of the premiere. That really bummed me out, but it just gives me an excuse to go to disneyland later. According to Disneyland, the ride might be open on june 25th and should be reopened by june 26th or 27th. I can’t wait to see Johnny…I hope the sun doesn’t beat down on everyone.

  38. I think that the premiere was going to be in NYC because that way I can go because it has been my biggest dream to go see Orlando Bloom in person and now I cant do because CA is more than 3,000 miles away from me.

  39. Does anyone but me see the reason why they should have the premier here in California and not Disney World????I mean HELLO the movie originated from the ride, which is in D-land!!!!!!!The only thing that I’m mad about for the premier is that their going to raffle off the movie tickets. Otheriwise I can’t wait to go to D-land and meet Orlando and Johnny!!!!

  40. hi, i think i am in the category of potc’s top 10 #1 fans. (if that makes any sense?) and i am desperate to go to the premier!!!!!!!!
    i have been in love with this movie since july 9th, 2003. (more like obsessed, as my friends would say) and i was wondering of any information on how to get tickets.

  41. heyy L B ! you said that

    The premiere is at Disneyland, June 24
    Disneylands hours that day 6:30 to 5pm
    They are NOT selling tickets, you cannot buy them.

    , the “they” in the they are NOT selling tickets. are you talking about like the disneyland park are not selling tickets to the premier. right? or are you saying that you cannot buy tickets to enter disneyland?


  42. heyy L B ! you said that

    The premiere is at Disneyland, June 24
    Disneylands hours that day 6:30 to 5pm
    They are NOT selling tickets, you cannot buy them.

    , the “they” in the they are NOT selling tickets. are you talking about like the disneyland park are not selling tickets to the premier. right? or are you saying that you cannot buy tickets to enter disneyland?


  43. At the risk of being hated, here’s some info on Hollywood-style premieres.

    Firstly, Premieres may look glamourous, but they are highly political. Industry people will find out just where they stand in the Disney hierachy by whether or not they get invited to the premiere and whether they’re included in the “A” party or “B” party. The A party will have all the stars and the major mucky-mucks and the B party will be for everyone else.

    The premiere will take place in the Los Angeles area because that’s where all the mucky mucks live. Not to mention the mucky mucks that supplied the movie: the prophouses, the costumer shops, the equipment suppliers, etc. Usually, when a producer contracts with a supply house within the contract is stipulated invites to the premiere (especially if the premiere is going to be for an event movie like this one). Disney will have quite a few people it will want at their premiere for prestige purposes (many of which you will not know as they are “insiders” and not necessarily stars), so to ensure their presence, they’ll have it near where they live.

    Contrary to popular belief, premieres are not put on for the purpose of appeasing fans…quite the opposite. If fans are allowed anywhere near the red carpet, the producers and event coordinators are being kind. Nine times out of ten, fans are not allowed anywhere near the red carpet, especially if the celebrities invited to the event are “A” listers (as these are). Instead, fans are placed across the street (again, if they are lucky) where they can see the arrivals from a “safe” distance. The prime spaces on the red carpet will be set aside for the press — they will always have priority in access to the carpet. It’s more important to the event to have pictures of Johnny Depp in magazines around the world than to allow John “the Fan” Doe access to a snap. If the celebrities stop to give an autograph, that is one nice celebrity – most just breeze by the fans with a small wave — if that.

    Tickets to events like this one cannot be bought at any price. No one is going to risk the wrath of Disney to sell theirs on eBay. A few may be given out as contest giveaways, but that is it. I pity the person who is responsible for the final guest list as they will be inundated with requests all the way up until the hour before — I’ve been in one of these offices the week before a premiere and it is very ugly.

    I’ve always told people that if they really want to see a celebrity at a premiere, stay home and buy People magazine — you’ll get a much better view.

    HOWEVER, it can be fun to jockey around to see your favorite actor up close and in person. If you decide to visit Disney on that day in the hopes of seeing Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp or whomever, do so with the idea that you don’t have a good chance of seeing them. You will have no chance of speaking to them (unless you shout out something at them, which they’ll probably ignore and which you’ll probably get escorted away by security). You will not have a chance of getting into the premiere and I wouldn’t try sneaking as that’s a sure way of getting in trouble. However, it’s fun to meet other fans and get to know those who are standing around you — I’ve done a red carpet or two myself and have enjoyed meeting other fans of my favorite celebrity.

    One nice thing about Disney premieres — they usually do it out in the open where fans do get a chance to see their favorite celebrities. More and more studios are holding their premieres on their studio lots where fans do not get any access at all.

  44. Hi,I´m from Austria and I´d really like to go to the premiere and see my loved Johnny Depp. But I can´t go there ´cause it would be too expensive and nobody of my family and friends would even have time to go there with me. So don´t nag, you´re living in the USA!

  45. Hi, “They” are not selling tickets to the premiere. You can pay addmission and get into Disneyland and stand on Main Street for a chance to catch a glimpse “maybe” of one of our beloved stars! :)

  46. I can’t believe it! They are having the premiere like the week before I go to Disneyland! I’m so mad! My friend just happen to be in Disneyland for the premiere of the first POTC. She was so lucky! I was hoping I would be able to go to this one! Just my luck!

  47. You should al be happy to even have the chance for something like that, I live in Stockholm and here nothing ever happends, not one single hollywood star shows up and our moive premiers is no way in the same level as yours in the states. I went and saw Pirates 1 on the swedisch premier hoping and guess what nothing…

    There in the states the stars visit big citys when there movie has premiers, New York,Los Angles and so on and so forth…here nothing ever happends..i am so jellous at al of you living in the states..

  48. im so excited im going to be in disneyland when the premier occurs but i despratley need to no how to get tickets if anyone knows pleas E-mail me

  49. me and my friend want to go to the premeire, is there special tickets you need? or can you automatically go if youre at disneyland that day? and someone better post me some information. cause i want to go.

  50. yah well im the friend^^ no name wants to take :) and we reaaaaaally want to go. i mean like this is our lives on the line man!!! so yah can u please!!! get back to her on that question.

  51. I think the premiere should be the same date as the movies release…I also am unable to come June 24. Further more why have the premiere in June before the movies release? It will make all the people who chouldnt go to the premiere feel VERY BAD! Its true that there is going to be a third, but I was not able to go to the first premiere, so I really hope the they will make the date July 7th 2006…please.

  52. I guss my only chance to get to see the movie that night is to either win that contest or go see it in downtown disney,but at least I can see Orlando!!!!!!!!!I live 1hr and 35mins from disneyland!!I am glad it is here because alot of big disney channel things are at disneyworld.most movie events are in california anyway,sorry for those of you that can’t go.

  53. I was wondering if fans would still be able to see the stars? Or if everyone would just be kicked out at 5 and then the premire? Any info would help :)

  54. Tracy Christensen

    My boyfriend works at the disney resort and said that guests in the park are not able to see thestars go by. He asked one of his supervisors and they said that the stars are coming in from tomorrow land not main street.
    Tomorrow land will be blocked so you ca not see them. Everyone WILL be kicked out at 5pm sharp. Main street may be open longer but the stars are not entering there. This is the information I was given by someone that works there so it is probably accurate.
    I know it really sucks because I was planning on going I had already gotten a hotel room and every thing. Now i will have to can cel my plans. Sigh. No Johnny Depp for me.

    Tracy Christensen

  55. Tracy Christensen

    All I know is what I was told. The stars are not apparently entering from that entrance.
    They probably want to prevent mass hysteria.

  56. so they’re not going to let the fans even SEE the actors? That’s not fair because it’s the fans that made them who they have become. The least they could do is let people see them. What’s the point of going if you can’t see them? I was thinking of going but if I wouldn’t even be able to see them muchless get an autograph, forget it.

  57. Remember its not the actors fault, its the parks decision to close the area. It might be pretty hard to control all those people,thats probably why they decided to do it this way. They might still have a riot if all those people still come and are not able to see the stars.

  58. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I called Disneyland last night. There are no details yet. It has been cofirmed for that day, but the rest of the details were not given to Disneyland yet. The lady I spoke with said they are the only ones that can give the right info. There are too many rumors. She said if they do it like last time we will be able to line up on Main Street USA along the red carpet. The space is limited so you’ll have to get a spot early, if that’s how they decide to do it… She said last premiere people were allowed right up against the red carpet, that’s pretty generous! In Hollywood they usually place you across the street. I hope they do it the same way because I’m coming from Ohio. I would check with Disneyland or check seeing-stars.com for info. So far these rumors are wrong & not confirmed.

  59. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I forgot to mention that the actual event is private invitation ONLY. We may get lucky & see the stars, but we will not be permitted to the premiere.

  60. I’m totally willing to see the movie in theaters just like every other normal person on this planet lol i just figured, i’m going to disneyland that week anyways so why not go? anyways, if anyone gets any VAILD information, please post!

  61. I emailed Disney Guest Services to see if I would be kicked out. Here is there reply:

    On June 24, the Disneyland Resort will be hosting the premiere of “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest” at Disneyland Park. While this special event will not be available to the general public, Guests may have the opportunity to line up to view the arrivals on the red carpet. However, capacity is limited and cannot be guaranteed and autographs may not be solicited. To help alleviate any concern, we have scheduled our park hours as follows:

    o Disneyland Park – 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    o Disney’s California Adventure – 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.

    Until then, “Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest” will be released in theaters on July 7, 2006. We hope you have the chance to view this film after it is
    released nationwide.

  62. Tracy Christensen

    I have already had it confirmed twice by DISNEY managers that no one will be able to see the stars arrive. They had a big staff meeting twice about the event. Dont say I did not warn you about this. No one seems to believe me but oh well I tried. i am not purposely trying to bum anyone out I just dont want people to fly from different states
    to see it and then kicked out. her exact words were ABSOLUTELY NOT. The park is probably going to close earlier than 5pm that day to get everybody out. They are also getting different security. Disney guest services probably does not know anything thats why they said MAY be able to. Or they just want you to buy tickets for that day to get your hopes up. People that work in the park are the ones that would know and they said that NO part of the event would be open to the public. The manager said even said that people are going to be really dissapoointed that day. Well obviously, they have a good chance of a riot. Both managers at disney were positive of this information so there you are.

  63. OMG I’m a dancer aspiring to work @ Disneyland someday, so I’m always looking at the Disneyland auditions site. Has anyone heard what they’re doing to promote the movie other than the ride??? On the site they are looking for people to play pirates and swordfight, ect AND they are looking for Captain Jack Sparrow look-a-likes!! I’m going to put my hopes down about the premier now and just spend a couple of days @ Disneyland this summer!

  64. not letting the public in is bull. the public is what makes this movie what it is. oh well, i am not going to the premiere, it’ll be a waste of my time and money. why bother having a premiere anyways? seriously. meh. i’m going to disneyland a week before the premiere.

  65. Please please can someone help me find the date for the London premiere. i NEED to know because i need time off work otherwise i cant go and the earlier i get time off, the more likely it is that it wont be booked up. I hate work. Thanks

  66. I’m so excited! I’m going to go to the premiere and hopefully (fingers crossed) get tickets to see the movie for my 18th birthday! The premiere is also 2 days after I graduate so this will be fun!

  67. So, I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. The entire park is closing at 5pm for the premiere. Do you need the tickets to watch the movie or just to get in on this special day? Are they closing it to the public and only certain people can attend the red carpet premiere? I need as much information as I can cuz I’m trying to surprise my friend for her birthday! Thank you guys!

  68. Tracy Christensen

    Oh you guys-sammy read my post you cant see the premiere. No ticket you could buy will let you in.No one is going to permitted to even see the stars walk by on the carpet.

    I have been informed by two disneyland managers. If you go there on that day expecting to see anything you WONT. You will be kicked out and really pissed off. The park will likely close earlier than 5pm even to make sure everybody gets the heck out of there. Dont try to go you will be dissapointed. I have already posted twice about this.

  69. It’s premiering on 3 July at the Leicester Square Odeon for you Londoners out there. I am trying to find out more details (as I have just started a premiere listings website!) but at the moment I’d assume that the actors will arrive around 6, you can stand next to the red carpet, and you gotta get there pretty early to get a spot where you can actually see something!

  70. pleaseeee! im close to disney and i want to goo to the premier m, please could you tell me where i can get tickets to the premier????

  71. aaah i´m close to disney too!
    and i really wish to go, can someone tell me how to get those tickets? and do disney tickets, i mean the general ones, sell out? (i think that´s how you say it, i barely know how to write in english)
    can someone e mail me please???
    thanks in advance

  72. As what will probably be one of our last full family vacations, we are flying our girls to WDLand in hope sof seeing Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom walk the carpet. Does anyone know of contests we can enter. I would like to make this as special as possible. Probably would not win- but at least I can be a good mom and try.

  73. Tracy Christensen

    K this is for the DISNEY LAND premiere fans CANT watch the stars arrive read my other THREE posts especially if you fly out from somewhere else it will suck because you will be kicked out

  74. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I’ve called Disneyland several times & that’s not what I was told. My plans are already set & I am going to Disney on the 24th. Seeingstars.com has it posted that we should be able to see the stars. There is no info. that says no fans allowed @ least not yet. I’m flying from Ohio. I already have my tickets.

  75. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I just called Disneyland AGAIN. I was told that we the fans should be able to watch the red carpet arrivals. The actual premiere (which we will not be permitted to) starts @ 6 PM. The guy I talked to said we should be able to line up around the red carpet to see the stars. He said the capacity is limited so we will need to find a spot early. He never said that the fans will not be able to see the stars. I said it before & I’ll say it again go to seeingstars.com for premiere/red carpet info. I always check this site when visiting CA & it’s always right. Go to the Hollywood calendar of events for premiere info. If any of you are interested in other premieres it tells when & where they will be held. In Hollywood you can stand around the red carpet. There are a few premieres that week. We are planning to go stand around for the Superman Returns premiere on June 22nd. Disneyland said they will have more info. as the event gets closer.

  76. Is Disneyland open the day of the premire? It is the day of my birthday i would love to try to catch a glimpse of my beloved Orlando Bloom <333 And there is no way to get into to see the premire? Please help me!

  77. Tracy Christensen

    Again I would go with the managers inside the actual park there was two conferences on people not being able to see any thing. The guy you talked to said you ‘should” be able to so he does not know. All the workers on the inside of the park say no way. Go at your own risk. I was going to call disneyland before i got another no from a manager in the park so it was unecessary. My boyfriend works in the park so he asked two managers -high managers of the park. The managers did not know each other or talk to each other but they both knew that no one would be allowed to line up. They work in the park they know everything that is going to happen for that day. They know for a fact that main street is not where they will be entering. If you keep calling disneyland they are just going to keep saying should be able to see it because the operators do not know. I know everyone is just going to do what they want even if I warn them.If for any reason the event would change (which I doubt ) i will post it .

  78. As a rule Disney has CM’s keep pretty tight-lipped, and more so they keep them in the dark.
    The “facts” that people are discussing here are probably the truth as far as the people issuing them are concerned, but those people most likely are not privy to all but a very general portion of information- even managers.
    It is my experience with special events at Disneyland that most of the CM’s you talk to will be open about one thing- their ignorance of how the event will unfold.
    There is a very good chance that the talent will be kept from the public and an even better chance that Disney will not offer that exact statement to a potential ticket buyer.
    If you must go, have fun, enjoy the park and make the most of it- maybe you’ll see Orlando Bloom on the teacups. Stanger things have happened.

  79. so if we have tickets to the park then we can stay and watch the stars arrive?? cause if that’s the case then im so there!

  80. Elizabeth Castaneda

    That’s what I was told by Disneyland. The details aren’t confirmed yet, but most likely people should be able to line up on Main Street to see the red carpet arrivals. Stay tuned to seeing-stars.com for details as they come available or contact Disneyland.

  81. Elizabeth Castaneda

    The actual premiere is a private event. We will not be permitted. The red carpet arrivals would be the only thing we could attend. The premiere starts @ 6:00 PM so the stars should arrive before that & before the park closes (according to Disneyland)

  82. I am going to the premiere on June 24th. I have been told by a few different DL employees that there will be a chance to stand by the carpet and see the stars go by. I also received a letter from DL resorts that says to visit Frontierland, Adventureland and Critter Corner early that day as those lands will be closed off early in prep for the Premiere. It said nothing about Tomorrowland, which would also have to be closed early in order to get ready for the premiere. I would certianly hope that if DL employees had a big meeting and decided all these things, they would let all the other employees in on it. If it says they are closing the park at 5:00pm then I would think thats when it will close and not earlier, as there are other people coming to Disneyland just to visit Disneyland and not see the premiere. I for one will take my chances.

  83. someone please help me find out how to get to go to the premiere of this movie! I am 15 yrs old and i’m trying to do anything to go to this premiere. i am gonna take my friend for her birthday and i just need some info PLEASE!! thank you for your time :)

  84. There seem to be some misconceptions here about how Disneyland and film premieres work. First, if the park says it closes at 5pm, be sure that they WILL close at 5pm, and that means all the guests will be made to leave the park. This is standard procedure for any special event, whether it is Grad Nite or a private party or a film premiere. Second, premieres are held mostly for press coverage, not for fans or filmgoers. Tickets are NOT available for purchase by anyone in the public. Even if park goers and fans were allowed next to the red carpet in 2003, there’s no reason to think the same policy is in effect this time. This film is ‘higher profile’, as are the stars, and so security concerns are greater. Third, POTC2 DMC OPENS on July 7, which means in a theater near you. So please, if you are planning a trip around the idea of attending the premiere at the park, do your research thoroughly. You won’t be allowed into the screening, and there is more than a good chance that you won’t even be allowed to remain in the park. Lastly, the premiere is being held at Disneyland because that is where the attraction originated, and because that is where most of the cast and crew and Disney executives live, not to mention most of the entertainment media. So having said that, good luck and I hope everyone enjoys the film, wherever they end up viewing it!

  85. It looks like no one really knows for sure about being able to line up along the red carpet!

    Does anyone know of radio stations/shows or websites that are holding contests for premier tickets? Or do you know and are just not willing to share (lol)!? Here’s one I found: http://[email protected] Good luck!

  86. Hi, I live in so cal, and Im planning to attend the premeire, I plan on driving down Anaheim, ca, June 24, 2006 the day of the premeire( red carpet event ). But I was wondering if someone could let me know if Disney is going to have thier park open to the public? as well, I thought about renting a hotel inside Disneyland, the 23, so that way I could have front row seats to see the red carpet event .

    And also how much would the tickets cost to
    purchase, thanks, dede~*

  87. For all of u complaining about the premier being here in Disneyland, it makes more sense… Disneyland is the Original park, built by Walt Disney imagination himself.

    Anyways, I called the Disney ticket hotline, and they did tell me that u WILL NOT be able to purchase tickets to the premier, it is strictly private! They also mentioned that at 5 ‘o clock on the dot, you will be kicked out. California Adventure will be open until 11pm that night, dont plan a trip so that you can see stars, its $59 that could have been spent on a full day’s admission.

    Fortunately for me, I have an invitation, so I’m for sure going! Can’t wait to see Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley!!! They are just so awesome together!!!

  88. how can i get the invitatiooon??? ..my aun was working in disneyland, and i ask her, and she didnt know anything about how to get the ivitation…contact me please…she’s doing the impossble for get that..but its more easy if you can tell me…pleasee..i really like to go!

  89. wow pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest is the best movie ever.
    And how do I know that, well I know some people, and just to prove to you that I’m telling the truth, I will tell you this,
    in the movie Elizabeth Swann kisses Captain Jack Sparrow, but remember this she is engaged to Will turner!!!
    (seriously, telling the truth)
    every one will love this movie, its a must see. Pirates rock!!!!!

    One more thing Jonny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are so nice.

  90. On the orlandobloomfiles.com, it’s been posted that Orlando will be there indeed and that he “Hopes the fans come out in force to cheer him on.” So I suppose fans are allowed. Oh well…I’m not going cuz I really don’t want to deal with crying and screaming females. Not to mention, I probably wouldn’t see a thing, being in a wheelchair. People would be rude and get in front of me.


  92. wow…that was really some valuable information pinky gave us all…but…thats so freaking messed up how pinky rubbed it all in our faces that pinky…who ever the hell pinky really is…has an invitation to the premier. it really shows a lack in class to say, “oh yeah, well by the way im FOR SURE going” and all you losers arent. so…just think about that pinky. im sure many people out there were thinking the same thing i was.
    oh yeah…and then you dont even tell us how you got an invitation….are you like ohmygosh like bestest friends with like the 3 stars or like something like that!!!…wow…cuz if you are..thats like totally amazing or something….catch the sarcasm…good ;)ciao’

  93. Elizabeth Castaneda

    I have to agree, that was really not very classy & very immature. I wonder if it’s even true…

    According to Disneyland (which I’ve called several times) fans will be allowed to line the red carpet. I’ll be there for sure, I’m coming from Ohio! Does anyone know what time the stars will be arriving? I guess that info. isn’t available yet… Hopefully soon!

  94. My mom tried to get us in Disneyland for the premiere (not to see the movie, just to see the stars walk the red carpet), it was going to be my highschool graduation present. And Disneyland wasn’t booked for the entire week surrounding the premiere, but when my mom called the Disneyland people (she talked to several), they said that no fans will be able to see the stars on the red carpet. At 5:00 Disneyland closes to the public for set-up, and the red carpet walk starts at like 6:30. The funny part is I was reading something online and Orlando Bloom’s publicist said that Orlando hopes the fans come out in full force to cheer him on, he doesn’t even know that his fans won’t be allowed in.

  95. My mom tried to get us in Disneyland for the premiere (not to see the movie, just to see the stars walk the red carpet), it was going to be my highschool graduation present. And Disneyland wasn’t booked for the entire week surrounding the premiere, but when my mom called the Disneyland people (she talked to several), they said that no fans will be able to see the stars on the red carpet. At 5:00 Disneyland closes to the public for set-up, and the red carpet walk starts at like 6:30. The funny part is I was reading something online and Orlando Bloom’s publicist said that Orlando hopes the fans come out in full force to cheer him on, he doesn’t even know that his fans won’t be allowed in.

  96. i’m a disneyland cm and most of you wont believe me and will go by what other people or websites are posting, but no one will be allowed anywhere near the stars or premier unless youre an invite. about 99.9% of cm’s wont even be allowed anywhere near. the park closes that day at 5 and thats it. if you want to go ahead and try, good luck but believe the warnings, you will be disappointed as am i. also, disneyland tickets are way too expensive but if you are willing to spend the $59, go ahead. this premier wont be anything like the last. i worked special events for the last premier about 3 years ago and that was awesome but this time around, its a completely different story. just another heads up, when we do special events, orders are very specific and if theyre saying no guests near the red carpet, it means NO guests near the red carpet. ill try and keep any updates posted as we get closer, hopefully they allow guests for the red carpet walk because im with everyone else in saying that these movies, these actors, the attraction, and most importantly disney, are nothing without us.

    1. Disneyland is open from 6:30 am to 5 pm.
    2. Just because you may have bought a ticket to go to Disneyland that day, it is not gauranteed that you’ll be able to stay, even for the entirety of the Red Carpet event.
    3. Only special V.I.P. guest celebrities and their families are allowed to actually view the movie there when it is presented on the lake of Tom Sawyer’s Island- everyone else, regardless if they’re an annual passholder or bought the ticket for that day, have to leave.
    4. I personally called the Disneyland hotline which organizes all private events (714) 781- 4565, and they stated that no one outside celebrity status is guaranteed to stay beyond 5 pm. If anyone does, it’s only temporary.
    5. No information has been released as to whether special commemorative souvenirs will be given to mark the day of the premiere. Last year, guests received special event -exclusive keys as collector’s items for the premiere. So even if you don’t stay for the private event, you still may not leave empty-handed.

  98. I find it hard to believe that such a family friendly and fan friendly environment that Disneyland is, that there are so many conflicting and deliberately slighting communications going on in reference to this red carpet premier event. We know that we cannot view the film, big deal, I’ll watch it 2 weeks later. But all this dismissive talk about how we the fans will not, may not, cannot view the red carpet is not coming from reliable sources. I’m going to Disneyland on June 24th and I have expectations to try to view the activities on the red carpet when they begin, and then go on my merry business afterwards. I think all readers here should take most of these ‘I’m in the know’ comments with a grain of salt. This movie needs all the PR it can get and if fans are screwed over at the red carpet, it will not make the producers, cast and crew look good in the eyes of the media and most importantly, the fans.

  99. i am woundering how much it would be to get in the red carpet permaire and as cheap as possibe. my family and i are from a place were money is hard and we really want to go to something like this so please someone help us with ticket info and prices.

  100. so fans won’t be able to red carpet event? even if they’re just interested in seeing the stars?

  101. ^tickets are extremely expensive(I think someone paid thousands last yr for them) and the only other way u could get them is if you have connections to people who are going.

  102. gees the one month I get a saterday off to take my lil’ sis to disneyland for her birthday and they close at 5pm.. I felt bad when I had to tell her the new’s that maybe when i get another saterday off we can go and hope they don’t do something like this again. Since she loves pirates. Knowing that there wont be any way to go on the ride, or eat at the new orleans section.
    but I know my work all too well I had to tell her not to get her hopes up.
    I’ll be moving out soon too so that really kills it there..

  103. Im really bummned because im missing the premiere.im coming on the 25-2.but im excited to go on the pirates of the caribbean ride before my aunt carmen,kylee,justin,&&&&&UNCLE RICCCHHHH!!!!

    HA HA HA ;P

  104. k so heres the latest i know about the premier. tomorrowland and fantasyland will stay open all night but only for those special invited guests. i know this because i will be working that night. the park does want everyone out of the park by 5 and as far as the red carpet goes im not too sure yet. k well ill keep posting as we get closer.

  105. Oh well it sucks that the premiere is on the 24th. I’m going to be at Disneyland on the 25th. I was hoping to get a chance to go. Unfortunately it looks like my dreams are going to be shattered because of one day difference. Maybe next time.

  106. danielle ariztmendy

    oh my god this is going to be the best thing i have ever done in my entier life!!!!!!! please e-mail me about the tickets to see the movie itself.

  107. I went to the premier for the first movie and it was pretty awesome. They stars for the most part did stop. Orlanda stopped, shook hands and even signed autographs. Johnny was the last one in and so was rushed into the actual premier area. I hope that it is set up similarly to last time in that we actually had a pretty good view of the stars. Linda Carter, by the way, still rocks. There were a few stars who wouldn’t even turn around but there were quiet a bit that made up for the stuck up ones. Either way, last premier they had, the stars were able to stop and take pictures with the fans. Thanks.

  108. I went to the first premiere, (I won tickets) and had so much fun walking the red carpet, and getting an autograph from Johnny Depp.

    My question, though, is if anyone has heard about another ticket giveaway, because I have not found anything anywhere.

  109. Seeing-stars.com/calendar has all the info. about the Pirates of the Caribbean premiere @ Disneyland. The red carpet will be on Main Street USA. We should be able to watch the arrivals. I also called Disneyland today. People are going to be staking out a spot early. There is a whole list of other celebrities that are supposed to be there! I am so excited!

  110. Tracy Christensen

    Has any one heard anything about a special screening they are having on the 17th (tomorrow) at disney land? Someone said that premium annual passholders can stay and watch the stars come in for that screening. It does not sound right but thats what I heard. All these rumors and comments that go back and forth is enough to make me sick of pirates of the caribbean.

  111. Tracy Christensen

    I called Disneyland and the guy I talked to said that people should be able to stay till the red carpet thing is over hope hes right!!! But he said to get there early.

  112. I have a question cause im sooo confused….i have read numerous sites that have said u can see the stars on the red carpet, but then other people have said u cant see the stars and that u will get kicked out of the park…i really want to go, but i dont know if i want to take the risk and spend like $50 on a ticket and then get kicked out. i also dont want to not go, and then miss seeing the stars (if they let u stay and see the stars)Can anyone give me some information about the premiere, please?

  113. Tracy Christensen

    Hey I called disneyland today again and someone I talked to said there was no you could see the stars………….k this is very annoying is anyone else frustrated……..k I dont think anyone really knows or OH WHO KNOWS!!! I guess you could just risk it I have not decided what I am going to do yet…………..I think there is a 50-50- chance either way

  114. i knw wat u mean about it being frustrating cause no one really knows whats going on. i have been waiting for this premiere to come for along time, and now when its finally here u cant even c the stars…it sucks…i dont get how they can have a red carpet event without having fans there. i didnt go when they had the other premiere 3 years ago so i wanted to go now…i guess that wont happen. i wish someone really knew wat was going on and knew for sure if people were allowed to stay or not…

  115. I’m taking my chances. The premiere sounds similar to the last one so fans should be able to stand around. I’ve been around for other premieres & there are always fans watching the red carpet. The site I mentioned is always right about the premieres. If you don’t go you may miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m not going to worry about it until I get there. I think they will let people stay, but the space on main street is limited. I have no idea why Disney is telling people different things!

  116. Tracy Christensen

    Disney is unorganized plain and simple I have a feeling if they see all the fans that came out that day they will let them stay. What I will probably do is ask someone when I get there. I am done calling cause there just giving me the run around its pointless. This confusion might have happened last premiere too who knows anyways good luck to everyone that is still attempting to go. I hope I have good luck as well.

  117. I was trying to get tickets to the premiere because I am going to be deployed when the actual movies comes out and my parents know some very high ups in the Disney Co and they couldn’t get tickets. As far as seeing the stars the fans are also out of luck there. That is why they are closing the park, think about it Disney hates closing the park, but due to problems they had with the fans during the last premiere is exactly why they are closing it this year and ensuring all people are out of the park before it even starts. Disney will keep you guessing with this because if many people want to come to park and buy a ticket for that day with the belief they may catch a glimpse of a star the better for them. Just do not be disappointed when 5 PM comes and you are ushered out of the park and the stars have not even arrived yet. Lee was right on many posts up with his explanation of the premiere. Good luck just don’t get upset at Disney if you don not get to see anyone. They are just trying to keep this from being a huge mob scene like last time. They learned that you can’t just block off a section of the park and not expect fans to try anything to get closer that is why they are keeping fans away totally this time.

  118. OMG I really want to go to the premiere, but i have no idea how to get hold of tickets? How much would they cost??? Please email me.

  119. The Kevin & Bean morning show on KROQ 106.7 in L.A. are advertising a contest on Monday to give away tickets to the premiere, so it might be worth a try, since it is about the only way to get them if you have not been invited. I just heard it on the radio and I am going to at least try. In fact rumor is that the tickets they are giving out as prizes will also be the people they use for the Red Carpet so that they can regulate the crowd size to avoid the problems of the first premiere. Good Luck.

  120. wat time r they giving the tickets away? what is the KROQ phone # to call? if u listen to the radio station, will they give u the information about the give away of the premiere tickets?

  121. So does anyone know about the Premiere in London apart from that it’s on the 3rd? Does anyone know what time they’re coming?

  122. does anyone know who else is giving pirates premiere tickets away for the disneyland premiere?

  123. I am not sure what time they are giving them out, but I know it is the morning show from 5:30 to 10:00 AM. If you go to KROQ.com they have some info on it. I know they are doing the giveaway all week. They are the only place I have found so far that has even mentioned the tickets.

  124. I got 2 tickets from K&B this morning with a pirate joke at 9:30. What has 8 arms and 8 legs? 8 pirates! YES! IM IN! WHOOO!

  125. thank u for answering bac about the whole premiere ticket thing…..o and do u knw wat KROQ’s phne # is?

  126. I need to know how to get tickets to this event!!! Please contact me if you hear anything!!! PLEASE $$$

  127. Oh my gosh I am so excited, even if I don’t get to see Johnny Depp it’s worth the try, I am probibly 1 of Johnny’s #1 fans, I am so lucky I live in San Diego so I can drive there in an hour and a half, but it wouldn’t matter if I lived in France I would still be going. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, I start crying when I see posters of him, but anyway if ur going and if u see a girl crying that can’t breath it’s probably me.

  128. My husband works for disneyland. he is a manager and deals all of this stuff. if you want to see the read carpet you do have to buy a ticket 59.00. your passes will not work and maingate passes will not work. if you want to see the red carpet you will have to find your spot and sit there all day. they will have them coming down the red carpet. but not all of them may walk it. but fans that have tickets and will be in the park that day do have the chance to see there favorite star. the only people that i know besides the film foundation giving away tickets is kroq 106.7 out here in southern cali. you can check out there site for more info http://www.kroq.com. and the only reason they probably have them is because disney owns kroq. anyway hope this helps a little.

  129. Sorry Tinkerbell, Disney does not own KROQ. Kroq is owned by Infinity, a division of Viacom, which has no affiliation with Disney.

  130. yes they do. look it up disneygirl. i have an annual report of what disney owns and what they don’t. and they also own klos.

  131. I was at Disney this last Sat. They have a gradstand set up outside of the Pirates ride by the river. There were scaffoldings set up across river on the Phantasmic stage. Are they premiering the movie on the 24th then releasing it to the public on July 7? Are they going to project the film across the river? Anybody know?

  132. Hi Tinkerbell,
    How can our passes not work to get us in on that day? I have premium passes with NO blackout days, they can’t refuse them just because of the premiere.

  133. I went to the premiere last year and it was great! Pictures of so many people and Johny’s autograph on a Pirates of The Carribean button. I’m just wondering what time to show up! I showed up around noon last year and had a great seat!! What time are you guys thinkin about showing up?

  134. Terrie- if you have an AP without blackouts you will be able to enter the park during normal hours of operation.

    As for KROQ, which does rock btw, it is owned by Viacom & CBS- neither of which are owned by Disney.

  135. In case you’re curious, I have information provided to people invited to the premiere. My husband and I got two tickets through his work. Here’s what our letter says:

    We are delighted that you will be attending the World Premiere of Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man’s Chest on Saturday, June 24th at Disneyland.

    Guest check-in begins at 6:00pm at the east-side of the Disneyland Main Entrance. All guests must present a photo ID to receive their Premiere credentials and screening tickets.

    As part of the festivities before the film, you will be among the first guests to welcome Captain Jack Sparrow as he drops anchor inside the newly enhanced PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN attraction. Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion attraction will also be open for your enjoyment.

    Dinner will be served at the pre-screening Pirates Ball party in New Orleans Square and Critter Country.

    The dress code for the evening is “Pirate-wear” — feel free to break out your bandanas and eye patches!

    (It also has some parking information and other boring stuff.)

  136. Wow…. congrats on tickets!! How did you get them?

    Any ides on when people are going to camp out there seats on main street!?

  137. i called dland today and the lady said that they are estimating 100,000 people and said that people are coming from all over the country and some will even camp out

  138. I wish i could go to the premiere…but i didnt get any tickets…i tried all week to get tickets from radio stations but i didnt get any. My friend and i wanted to go soooo bad… All well i guess i will have to try for the Pirates 3 premiere next yr.

  139. wow i cant believe that the show is goign to be here and i am going to see it yeah am so exitced and cant wait to see Johny baby and they should always have the primere here in the OC yea

  140. Deborah,

    What kind of work does your husband do that he could get tickets? I’m just curious for next time, as Lightofdarkness had faster fingers than I did, and I have no tickets now. :-(

  141. He owns a company called Goldstarevents.com that sells discount tickets. They do a lot of business with the El Capitan theater, and as a thank you the theater gave us 4 tickets to the premiere. I can’t tell you how excited I am! We went out and bought pirate shirts today.

  142. Deborah,

    Congrats again! And thanks, too! Myself, family and friends have used GoldStar Events tons of times, especially when we’re in Vegas. Have tons of fun! And enjoy the dessert!

  143. Well Im truly sad to say that I dought that I will be going to the Premeire…Well it sucks when your a teenager in love with Johnny Depp!!…I hope who ever is going has a Damb Freakin Awsome time!!!
    Peace Allwayz

  144. Tracy Christensen

    whooooooooo I just came back from the red carpet premiere. It was fun I got to see johnny in person and a lot of other stars too. But The sun ugh I am so burnt. Everybody else that went have fun?

  145. The premiere was awesome–if you want to see a few pictures (no stars…sorry), you can visit my blog at deborahgraff.blogspot.com

  146. Deborah, thanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of fun. What a strange mix of people- Rosanne, Marylin Manson and Arnold Schwartzanager.
    Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Nice blog. I enjoy bacon too.

  147. Deborah…I was wondering, did u get ur name on the guest list and then recieve the actual premiere passes when u arrive at disneyland??

  148. My daughter and I went to the red carpet event not knowing what to expect, we just planned to spend the day in Disneyland if the red carpet looked to be too much of a zoo. Unlike most of the people camped out along the gates who arrived somewhere between 5-6am to snag the ideal spot, we got there around 10:45am, were surprised at what we saw and quickly parked ourselves several people back from the fence for the rest of the day. At the end of the event, my daughter was able to get 22 autographs including a picture of herself with Keira Knightly and signatures from Christian Slater, Kareem Abdul-Jabar and Jerry Rice! Got a good look at Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp in the midst of their entourages as they quickly rushed by to get to their destination and that was the finale to our day. Considering we stood in one place for over 10 hours without eating or going to the bathroom,it was a GREAT experience!

  149. i am so going to watch johnny enter the premiere…..does it start at 6 or 7 or when? anyone know?
    cant wait to (hopefully) see him

  150. Man everyone who went was soooo lucky! Im sorry but the premiere was on the 24th. I wish i could of gone. It sounded so much fun!

  151. I just got back last night! We had a blast! I got pictures & autographs from Orlando, Johnny, & Kiera! We got to shake Johnny’s hand! My daughter got several autographs from other stars too. It was so much fun! Very hot though. I got burned too. I have great pictures & a video. I can’t believe I saw Johnny! Well we are back home in Ohio. I can’t believe this is all over… I hope to go to the next one next summer!

  152. how do you make plans on attending a premier?
    I am new at this and would like to go to
    the POTC#3 red carpet event next year.
    thanks to anyone with info.

  153. OMG! FIRST: if any of you live in the US at all your lucky! My friends and I live in Australia and ther is no way in hell we could go! dont be all “boohoo-ing” if you have to drive an hour in the car to Disneyland!

  154. Hey I did get the chance to see the movie at the premiere.I Got photos and autographs it was alot of fun! Orlando,Keira, and Johnny are so nice. I hope you guys had a great time ,too. It was fun walking down the red carpet! I thought that the ride had a nice difference to it.

  155. If anyone has any idea or finds any information on when the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End red-carpet premiere at disneyland is, please email me! I would love to know and reserve some tickets. I know it’s REALLY early, but never hurts to start early right? ^_^ But email me if anyone gets any information! Thanks!

  156. I would also like to attend the pirates 3 premiere..any tips about how to plan a trip for this event? thanks!

  157. It’s really hard to plan a trip around a red carpet event. What I did was call Disneyland (several times), check the internet for any info., Check Disneyland’s calendar for the opening & closing times. I saw on the calendar that Disney was closing early on the 24th, so I figured that was why so I booked our airfare & hotel right away. It was taking a chance, but it worked out great! I’m planning on coming next year too. I hope we can find out early! Always check seeing-stars.com for info.

  158. i would really like to attend the pirates of the caribbean 3 premiere…does anybody have any info on how to get the tickets?thank you!

  159. how much is a ticket? for a premiere i hope next year its in disneyland i live in holland so disneyworld is to far but france i can offerd

  160. Does anybody know when or were the 3rd pirates of the caribbean is going to take place^-^
    I’m a huge fan,
    email me please if anybody knows!!!
    I cant wait:]

  161. heyy everyone!!
    i Lovee Pirates of the Caribbean/Johnny Depp&Orlando Bloom and i really want to go to the Premiere of the third movie! If someone knows from experience or just in general how to find information about the premiere & tickets i would REALLY appreiate it. Please e-mail me if you know anything!

    Thank you!!

  162. Hi, i’ve been reading the posts about the premieres..if ANYBODY has any useful information please email me. My cousin and I are huge johnny depp and POTC fans and I want to surprise her with premiere tickets or something like that. She is my best friend and it would be amazing if i could get tickets. So PLEASE if you have any info or useful tips please email me. Thank you so much!! :)

  163. is it a retarded idea to fly from New Zealand 2 Disneyland for the 3rd premier? i love potc and johnny is my hunka-spunk! ta XX

  164. Psh, if I were you I would fly from New Zealand..but the only problem is money. That’s why I probably can’t go to POTC 3 premiere…but yeah I think you should go!

  165. omg!!!! i love johnny depp!! he is like my idol, but i live in pa and that is soo expensive to fly out to california for the premiere but i want to do it anyway!!!
    please e-mail me it u have any important details about the preimere!

  166. hey! im lyke u sian, i wanna fly from aust. 2 disney but it wud cost heeps! and im only 19 and it’s a bit risky to fly ther on my own. i cant find any1 2 go with and ma friends think it’s a stupid idea! i dont! i love potc just like everyone and i wud give anythin 2 go! hope i do! imogen XxXxXxX

  167. ok. i need to know 3 things:
    *where is disneyland?
    *where will the “red carpet walk” be held
    and *where is new orleans square?
    im from London so Im not too sure.

  168. vicki bloom (diff vicki)

    right Sally here is the info that I know,
    1) the main disneys are in orlando florida and paris france
    2) Im from England to and te red carpet walk will be held in London and America
    3) New Orleans sqaure is in the america disney land it’s in the piartes bit of the theme park.
    and also do u know if u need tickets to go to the prmeir and can u watch it in the cinema with the stars??

  169. thanks for that vicki. all i know is that you can just buy a regular disneyland ticket to get to see the stars walk the carpet outside, but no1 is allowed to watch the movie with the stars inside. thats reserved for VIPS and stuff. sorry.

  170. hey yall! i cannot wait for the third pirates wooohoooo! (im 99% sure ill fly from Aust. Imogen by the way so you should too in my opinon), anyways CONGRATS TO JOHNNY AND VANESSA ON THEIR WEDDING NEWS! :( my heart just broke….but i hope i see yall at the premier! CANT WAIT TILL MAY 28TH 2007! bye

  171. nobody knows how bad i want to go there.
    thats all i want.
    is to see johnny depp.
    =[ i dont know how to persuade my parents.
    plz need helpp.

  172. nobody knows how bad i want to go there.
    thats all i want.
    is to see johnny depp.
    =[ i dont know how to persuade my parents.
    plz need helpp.

  173. hey, sally, i too am from Australia and me n my friend are planning to fly out next year for the premiere!

    omg any info would be most appreciated – email me please!

    btw the premiere will be in disneyland, not disneyworld, right? i really dont wanna buy a ticket to the wrong city…

  174. Thanks for commenting on The Disney Blog.

    I would counsel anyone against making any plans to fly out from Australia (or anywhere for that matter) to see the premiere. A) There is no guarantee it will be at Disneyland, B) there is no guarantee you’ll meet or even see the stars you want to, C) there is no chance you’ll get tickets to the movie portion of the premiere, and D) since it’s in May inclement weather could shut the whole thing down anyway.

    I’ve heard rumors that this premier would not take place at Disneyland, but rather at the beach somewhere anyway.

  175. to: john frost

    ok, firstly no1 cares what you think and it’s up to the fans of the movie to judge whether or not it’s a good idea to fly out for the 3rd premier. Just to be there would be a gr8 experience and to even get a glimpse of Johnny, Keira and Orlando. If there are any changes to location, weather etc im sure we will know about it and plan accordingly.
    SO! To all of you planning to go to the POTC3 premier, don’t be diss-heartened by john’s comments and follow your intuition. You will thank yourself if you see the stars you love~

  176. sally, first off. please be polite in your comments. I’m doing the best I can here. Second, I’m not making judgements for anyone… just advising everyone of what the facts currently are. The fact is, right now no one knows the status of the P3 premiere, except some folks at Disney. So I am advising against making any plans until something is known for certain. Traveling to Disneyland is not cheap, especially not from Australia.

  177. hey. im hoping to fly out from New Zeal 2.
    So Disneyland is near Disneyland Resort? Im Confused…lol :)
    Can the people who have been answer me this:
    *if you get their at 6.30am will you be @ the front of the crowd? and will you get to talk to the stars if they come up to you?
    I lurve Orlando~
    Pwb, Charls. XxX

  178. Charlotte.

    If it’s held at DL, and you get there early, you will be able to line up along Main Street (based on the past two premiers)…bring someone with you or make a friend there to save your spot because you’ll be there until 8 or 9 pm! Last year, Johnny was roaming the park and talking with fans/signing autographs, having pics taken. I didn’t hear if Orlando or Kiera were doing this also. We also got a commemoritive pin and the park map for the day had a POTC2 poster – both only available that day. During the actual “walk of stars” they all 3 stopped occasionally for pics with fans, gave hugs & autographs. It was quite fun! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you’re able to go.

  179. Ok. Thats the best info I’ve found so far! Thanks Calibraskan~

    (i hope im going to the 3rd premiere! I want a pic with johnny keira or orli lol)

  180. hey. any new news on the premiere?….still so long 2wait! i cant! hahahar :) someone pleeze get info on it soon!

    “he was a bloody pirate a scallywag!”

  181. hey. any new news on the premiere?….still so long 2wait! i cant! hahahar :) someone pleeze get info on it soon!

    “he was a bloody pirate a scallywag!”

    My friend has found this from this very Disney Blog, this very interesting post… John Frost reports:

    “The stars are beginning to align for the very real possibility that the premiere for the third installment of Disney’s popular Pirates Of The Caribbean movie series will be held at Disneyland on May 19th. I’ve now had two sources confirm that cast members are being told to prepare for the Pirates movie premier and the Disneyland official calendar now shows a special event happening on the 19th. That’s similar to what happened for the premiere event last year.

    That said, there is still no official announcement from Disneyland or the movie studio on the time and place for the premier of P3. So I would urge you not to spend your life savings to be at Disneyland for this, as yet, unconfirmed event. But I did promise I would post something as soon as I knew a bit more. So here it is. Get in line for red carpet photos and autographs with your favorite stars including Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kiera Knightley. Let the Pirate dancing begin.”

  183. yas, Ive got stuff 2, on the official disney calendar it’s saying theres a “special event” on the Saturday May 19th!
    YAHOOO! the wheel of fortune is in motion!

  184. You should also note, that nearly all the hotels in the area are already full for the weekend of May 19th!

  185. I just saw the local news here in los angeles, and they said you can buy a ticket from make a wish for $1500.

  186. Anyway you are lucky to live in the US. I live in Europe and we don´t have as many premires hier as you have there. But I still hope to meet Johnny Depp one day. Have fun!!!!

  187. this is all i know..my dad bought our family tickets to go to the premier.(its my 16th bd present) anyway, the tickets cost him 1500.00 each, he i dont know when he bought them but we are watching the movie outside, they set up huge bleachers around tom sawyers island and are putting up a huge screen on the island..i think, my sis was there yesterday and they were putting it all together..tickets get u into a buffet and i think up close and personal to the stars. Money for the tickets goes to the make a wish foundation. Ill let u know how it went, were leaving in about 1 hour!!!!

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