Kiss me I’m Irish

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With St. Patty’s day coming up it’s time for me to get another reservation at the newest restaurant on Disney property, Raglan Road. Raglan Road proves that there is good food to be had in Ireland and I’m very happy it made its way here. Magical Mountain has recently uploaded the transcript from an interview with John Cooke, one of the owners of Raglan Road.

We brought fourteen container loads of millwork, antiques, lighting,
glass, all the way from Ireland across the Atlantic to install it in
the pub. A lot of the millwork in particular is antique. This bar we’re
sitting at is known as Frank’s bar, and it is in the style of a shop
pub. Traditionally, Irish pubs come in a number of different styles.
Look at the other bar we have internally, the big island bar, which is
a very high-Victorian style bar, and that’s styled after great Dublin

If you like Irish Food, Music, or Beer, then you’ll want to make sure you include a stop or two at Raglan Road on your next visit to Orlando.

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