High School Musical gets extra life

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Playbill.com says that Disney’s suprise hit musical, "High School Musical" has been given extra life. The show will receive extra airings on The Disney Channel and a new Double DVD to be released in May. The additional airings will be on March 10 and 23. Check your local listings.

The cast features Zac Efron ("Summerland"), Vanessa Anne Hudgens,
Ashley Tisdale ("The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"), Corbin Bleu, Lucas
Grabeel, Monique Coleman as the featured teens with Alyson Reed, Bart
Johnson and Joey Miyashima. Which explains why I’ve been getting so many searches for Zac Efron recently.

Miss Zoot has some funny posts about dealing with a teenager who is totally obsessed with the show. If it’s not on TV or his computer, then he’s signing the songs (still ranked #3 on Amazon). "High School Musical"  has also made the talent show circuit and I’m sure it’s driving Drama Teachers crazy at the auditions this season.

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