Pixar Opens Up for Harry

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Harry McCracken gives us the scoop on Pixar’s current state of affairs. McCracken passes along a bunch of highlights from a talk he attended. Including some really cool footage I hope makes it onto a Finding Nemo Special Edition someday.

Johnson showed some good clips as part of his talk, including several minutes of Andrew Stanton pitching Finding Nemo. (He was fabulous, and watching him in action made me wish that footage survived of Walt Disney in action during 1930s story conferences).

Regarding the Disney/Pixar buyout? The word was mostly mum. But this little bit was mentioned

…Ed Catmull and John Lasseter have no plans to leave Northern California, but will likely spend a couple of days a week in LA. He also said that he fully expects to be at Pixar ten or twenty years from now: "As long as this place stays the same, this is where we want to be."

Disney so made the right move when it agreeed that Pixar won’t be subsumed but will retain its own identity. Let’s hope that stays that way.

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