Is Disney Held to a higher standard?

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Jen at Irish Wake looks at the coverage the recent Roller Coaster accident at Cypress Gardens and asks if Disney is held to a higher standard in these incidents. The story passed with just a few mentions in the news, but Jen says,

…last year, the media coverage of the death of four year old Daudi
Bamuwamye after riding the Mission: Space ride at EPCOT was completely
different.  Despite the fact that he had heart problems and there are
13 (estimated) warnings posted before riding the ride, the media made
it look as if Disney was to fault for the incident.

This earned a response from the Orlando Sentinel Crime Editor in the comments of the post. Where he states that Disney merits extra attention as the largest employer in the area. Does that seem reason enough to you? I’d like to think that safety concerns are important no matter what theme park they happen at.

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