WDWCP Participant Raped by Co-Workers

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Local6.com and the Orlando Sentinel Crime Blog is reporting some sad news from the apartments where Walt Disney World College Program and International Program participants are housed, a gang rape of a woman by four college program workers from France is being investigated by Orange County Sherrifs.

The victim told deputies that she was attacked between 4 a.m. and 5
a.m. Sunday as she walked home from a friend’s apartment inside a
fenced housing complex for foreign employees in the theme parks’
college program, reports show. Four or five French men grabbed her and
carried her into an apartment in the complex.

I’d be curious to see what the statistics on reported sexual assaults at these disney apartment locations are. If you go read a couple of the forums where program participants post, it appears things do sometimes get out of control over there.

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7 thoughts on “WDWCP Participant Raped by Co-Workers”

  1. I am a College Program alum and to say that things “sometimes get out of control over there” is the understatement of the century! It is a non-stop party and I saw some pretty crazy things. It’s completely believable that something like this could happen. It’s just like any college living situation where you mix young people, alcohol, drugs and no supervision. I must say it was an incredible experience and the most fun time of my life…

  2. I am quite disappointed at the local media for not doing their homework on this topic. They continue to refer to the suspects as “Disney workers.” But they are from France. Anyone who has worked at Epcot can tell you that the French Pavilion is not staffed by “Disney workers.” They work for another company called Chefs De France. They are also not on the WDWCP. The international program is entirely different. I know it is the local media’s favorite thing to do to find any excuse to find fault with Disney, however I thought that fact-checking came first. Both Local 6 News and The Orlando Sentinel have not done their homework.

  3. You know, with the number of people on both the College Program and International Program each year and for the past 25 years, the ol’ rule of averages comes into play. With that many people over that amt of time, stuff like this will happen. It will happen there just like it will on any college campus. Kids have died in car accidents too while they were on the program. Why? Because of the numbers. One guy got killed driving home by some jackass on the who was driving on the wrong side of I-4 on my program. He lived in the bldg next to mine. I bet kids have committed suicide too for the same reason.
    If it happens on a college campus, it is going to happen in other places where similar populations reside. It’s unfortunate, but that is just the way it is.
    I was on the program and the stories are exaggerated. Like the first poster- exaggerated. Sadly, people like to read about these because of the excitement of reading something naughty. Whoa- kids that are 18-25 are drinking and having sex. How controversial!

    Are there kids that get drunk every night there? Yeah, just like in a college dorm. Are there kids that sleep around? Yeah, just like a college dorm. Are there kids that smoke dope? Absolutely, just like a college dorm. But the flip side is that there are just as many students who try to go to church on a regular basis, organize bible studies, surround themselves with people who aren’t into the drug scene… just like on any college campus.

  4. I’m currently on the College Program and I live in Chatham…where are all these “wild parties”??? It’s very quiet here as well as my neighbors. Sure, there are a few partiers but those people are everywhere not just on the college program. People over exaggerate what goes on here.
    What happened at the Commons is absolutely horrifying but unfortunately things like that can happen anywhere.
    But what really pisses me off….the housing officials did not notify ANY OF US! They aren’t telling us to be careful, not to walk alone and what not…Disney is so HUSH HUSH about things and it’s threatening our safety.
    For example, there is a pedophile that lives one building away. His roommates found child pornography on his computer…and guess what Disney is doing about it…..NOTHING! They suspended him from work and placed him under “apartment arrest” where he can’t leave his apartment…but what position does that put his other roommates in that turned him in to the cops???? His lawyer told him that two of his roommates turned him in!!!! Disney doesn’t care about anyone but their own public image!!

  5. To Bill and the last anonymous…maybe it was different when I was there in 1998, or maybe we are just different kinds of people that travel in different circles but to say the stories that come out of “Vista Lay” are exaggerated shows me you guys either weren’t there or weren’t invited. Sorry you are missing/missed out…

  6. Mayor of Chatham Square

    Clearly nothing has changed since I’ve been gone. There are you lames that come to slave for the evil empire, and there are those of us who realize this is the one of the greatest social experiments in the history of mankind. Who else gets to go in the tunnels? Damn, that… how often do you find out EPCOT only means Every Paycheck Comes On Thursday? If you aren’t having fun in the program, it’s because you lame ass hell. But your type is the reason I had a different girl every night of the week. You probably spend all your time slaving for Mickey an catchin the shuttle to Motions… you poor, poor child.

  7. I’ve enjoyed my stay in Vista Way [or Lay so aptly put.] mainly because I’ve made a lot of good friends. One of my roommates did get drunk the other night, and nearly was raped outside our door but saved by us. There are things that go on, I’m not going to lie — but then there are a lot of positive aspects of being in the program. Things will happen, we cannot deny that … there are people that shouldn’t be here that are. I’m sorry for whatever happened to victims of the past, and the present and the future … but I haven’t experienced too bad of a time here. I enjoy it, I’ve grown as a person and that’s why I like it here. I am upset Disney keeps it underwraps, whatever happened to anyone — and I’d prefer it if, like some colleges, they provide a website with all charges and incidents that had happen within all three complexes. It’d be a lot easier, and I’d find it a lot safer than just walking in here and thinking not a damned thing could happen.

    Oh well, I can accept the fact that Disney isn’t all tea party’s and all… but with that you should have common sense. Who would’ve thought Disney would be the safest place ever to walk alone in the wee hours of the morning? Common sense, if you see a group of males that seem shady — go with your gut and walk away from the bunch. Avoid contact. You could’ve called security to have someone escort you home, neglecting what is offered is stupidity. I didn’t say she deserved it, but she should’ve been thinking. It was either that or stay the night at her friends.

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