Trailers for Disney’s next Animated Film: The Wild

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Here’s a first look at the next Disney Animated film, The Wild. It opens in theaters nationwide on April 14th.

Trailer 1 – QT 3001500 / Real SM LRG / Ipod

Total cost for the film is estimated to be around $80 million. Some of the team of animators who worked on The Wild worked on Disney’s first digitally animated film Dinosaur. No word what’s happening with this division after the purchase of Pixar.

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  1. As I understand it this is not like Valiant, which was a film by a separate studio which Disney helped a little and then distributed, but rather this is a ‘work-for-hire’ where Disney had a concept and a group of animators (friom The Secret Lab and Dinosaur) who were working on ‘The Wild’. They outsourced most of the production to this CORE studio, but it’s still largely a Disney film.

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