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Jim over at Seward Street talks about his shift of jobs from Dreamworks Animation to the upstart James Baxter Animation. I’m really looking forward to seeing the work that comes from the James Baxter studios, having Jim on the staff will only help, I’m sure.

Jim also talks about the coming resurgance of 2-D, aka Hand-Drawn, animation. Rumors are Disney is retreiving some of those old animation desks from the warehouse by the Burbank Airport. First up! A return to Hand-Drawn Animated Shorts… guess who I think Lasseter will put in charge of this, Andreas Deja. Link!

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2 thoughts on “Animation Shift”

  1. Back to 2-D with hand-drawn shorts is allready good news, after all of this nonsence “2-D is dead”. I say 2-D will only be dead when nobody can draw and animate anymore!
    I think if these shorts will tell good and interessting storys, without copying other films, they will be successfull. And if they will be, I think the way is open for a new traditional Animation Era. We will see. But I’m very confident.
    “Andreas, it’s up to you now” :-)

  2. I am praying that hand drawn comes back. I am scik of seeing yet another computer animated movie with adorable little animals. Please let Andreas be in charge

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