Disney Catalog wraps up

Bad news for folks who like to get their Disney shopping fix from home; The Disney Catalog will stop publishing and instead focus solely on the DisneyShopping.com website. Um, what about those people who don’t have broadband internet access? or internet access at all? How are they going to let people know they have new product? Is their email database that strong?

Oh well, this does seem to be the general trend. Maybe it means they’ll finally be offering an affiliate program?


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3 thoughts on “Disney Catalog wraps up”

  1. The thing that we do, which I assume is pretty popular, is shop fromt the catalog but acutally purchase online. This may lead Disney to think that the catalog is not being utilized, when in fact it is. We enjoy the hands on format of the catalog and look at it as a family. We look at the things we like and decide whether or not they cross the line on making our home too Disney. It can just get creepy if you aren’t careful you know! The catalog offers a more traditional family time than everyone gathering at the computer. Once we decide on an item, why wait? We go online and get the thing. It’s faster and easier that way. We thought we had a good system. I guess Disney doesn’t agree. I bet it’s that damn Steve Jobs and his computer fetish!

  2. Can anyone tll me if they actually are discontinuing the catalogue, and if so, when? A friend of mine has kids who may be modelling Halloween costumes for them – so maybe they did change their mind?


  3. Just returned from Disneyland in Anaheim yesterday wanted to look at further purchases. I use to receive the catalogue, then it just stopped coming. Where do I go to purchase items on the Internet, besides e-bay?

    Regards VIcki

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