Devolution at Disney

Coop has some thoughts on the fact that Devo is now doing children’s music for Disney.

I can completely appreciate the absolute genius of this DEV2.O thing. It’s probably their single most brilliantly subversive move to implant the concepts of Devolution.

Essentially Devo has taken a page from the playbook of corporate America. Hook’em while they’re young and you have a customer for life. (via BoingBoing. Note some images on Coop’s site are NSFW)

2 thoughts on “Devolution at Disney”

  1. Devo deserves props for being different and creative. What they weren’t was particularly “dangerous” or meaningful. Which makes them great for a Disney kid show 20 years later.

    As for Coop, someone should explain to him (or her) that there’s a knob on the TV that you can use to turn it “off”. Then you won’t have to watch the “Wugglies” or whatever it is.

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