FBI sends suspected spy to Disney World?

File this one under Stupid Government Tricks.

Okay, you’re investigating someone you think could be really bad news for the United States. Someone accused of sending secrets to the Iraqis and working to defeat the US in the middle east. What do you do? You send him to Disney World, a tourist destination filled with families and lynchpin the the tourist economy of the United States?

During Thursday’s testimony in Shaaban’s federal trial, an FBI agent
and one of Shaaban’s former trucking company bosses testified about how
federal agents helped send his family to Florida in October 2004 so the
FBI could surreptitiously search his Greenfield home.

How many times has this happened? Why do I suddenly feel significannly less safe here in Orlando? If they capture Bin Laden, do they plan to throw a party for him on Main Street? I’m sure Disney’s none to pleased to be used as a terrorist holding cell.

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