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Disney Fan Video Of The Week: Keaton World

Keaton went to Disney World in August of 2005. This is his video trip report set to the musical number "Space Fantasy" by BanYa. Conratulations to Keaton on being the first The Disney Blog Disney Fan Video Of The Week!!!

As you can tell by the New Category, I plan to start linking to a Disney Fan Video Of The Week. It could be a video podcast, video blog or vlog, from google video, or any of the Disney fan sites. If you see something you think kicks the pants off this video drop me a note.

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3 thoughts on “Disney Fan Video Of The Week: Keaton World”

  1. Listening to Keaton repeatedly ask Winnie the Pooh to “Do a little dance” was annoying. I felt one of the adults at the table should’ve told him to shutup. Not sure, but Winnie looked a little annoyed too.

  2. Check out the fan video submitted to the Window to the Magic podcast: Paul, the podcast host, does a game called “Where in the Park,” where listeners have to figure out where in the park he went by listening for clues–it’s sort of an audio tour of the park. The video followed the path of the game, shows all the landmarks you can hear in the audio, and features 4 wacky Disney fans who obviously never grew up.

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