Statler and Waldorf larger than life

Seth at Mostly Muppet reports that Statler and Waldorf have hit the big screen. Specifically, the cranky muppet duo is now gracing movie theatres in a set of preview trailers designed to pimp

I’m no expert, but I think exposing the Muppets to a movie-going
audience who haven’t seen them in a while is great for the movies and
the Muppets. Their style of humor and presentation is sorely missed (at
least by me) and I was happy, for once, to see an ad at the theatre. It
got a good chuckle from Jenn and I and reminded me to subscribe to
their podcast/vlogcast feed in iTunes so I won’t miss any more reviews.

See also Statler & Waldorf: From the Balcony and my previous post.

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1 thought on “Statler and Waldorf larger than life”

  1. I hope they find new voice performers for them, because the ones they’re using these days don’t catch much of the original curmudgeonly flair of Henson and Oz. Whoever does Kermit is better than the guy doing Fozzie..

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