Disney World Vacations add Platinum Level

In Las Vegas to go ‘platinum’ means you’ve gambled so much
money at the tables or with the one armed bandits that the casino gives you a
special platinum card. It works as a front of the line pass for buffets among
other benefits; with the whole goal of keeping you on the floor longer so the
casino can suck its 2%-20% take every time you plunk down a dollar.

So, I’m a little surprised that Disney is using the same terminology for its
program, but I’m not surprised at all they’re now offering a platinum level of
service for their guests. Actually, you could always get this service if you
stayed concierge (or were willing to put the package together yourself or
through a travel agent), but now it’s available to the general paying guest, if
they’re willing to pay for it, that is.

The Magic Your Way Platinum Package includes pre-trip
planning, accommodations at selected deluxe resorts, theme and water park
tickets, three meals a day at Disney restaurants, a nightly snack, a fireworks
cruise, a spa treatment, child care, special tours, recreation such as golf and
water sports, admission to Cirque du Soleil and to children’s activity centers,
and a keepsake.

Estimated cost for a 6 night stay at Disney’s Animal Kingdom
Lodge $7065 for a family of four with one youth (10-17) and one child (3-9). Now,
this package sounds very similar to what my wife and I did on our honeymoon (we
even stayed at AKL). I think the $7065 price is probably close to what you’d
pay if you did it all piecemeal. I know our final tally was more than $7000. But
the added benefit of having someone make all the ressies and other arrangements
for you is priceless if you don’t like doing the planning yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Disney World Vacations add Platinum Level”

  1. Actually, Disney had Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plan Add-on’s to the Dream Maker package pre-January 2005. There was also a Princess and Prince Plan add-on.

    When Magic Your Way was introduced in January 2005 and the Dream Maker packages were eliminated, Magic Your Way consisted of:

    Magic Your Way package
    Magic Your Way with Dining package and
    Magic Your Way Premium package, which was similar to the old Gold plan add-on.

    Guests actually complained about the lack of the Platinum plan, so Disney brought it back this year.

    I had also heard complaints about the loss of the Silver plan, but I don’t know if that will return.

  2. This sounds a lot like the “Grand Plan” that my wife and I used on our honeymoon in 1999. We stayed concierge at the Gland Froridian, passes to everything, three meals a day, snack, Cirque (front and center seats), fireworks cruise, yada yada, for a bit over $5k. I think it was for seven nights, but it was only for two people instead of four, so I’m guessing that the price was along the same lines. We enjoyed this immensely.

    I think that as long as Platinum Level folks can’t (at least, obviously) jump in line in front of everyone at the parks, everyone should be fine with it.

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