The Whistle Blows for Monday Night Football

After 36 years of NFL football madness, ABCs Monday Night Football is coming to an end. CNN/Money has a nice write up but for some reason I can’t find any coverage on ESPN. I’ll definately miss the show, although since moving to the east coast, those late monday nights were beginning to kill me. I thought the show got much better since aquiring John Madden. But I was never really unhappy with any of the crews, even the Dennis  Miller silly season. 

Of course, NFL on Monday nights is not going away. It’s just moving to cable.

1 thought on “The Whistle Blows for Monday Night Football”

  1. I’m assuming your “can’t find coverage on ESPN” sentence was sarcastic. Of course they wouldn’t have coverage: Disney is trying its best to make it a mere business move, while completely blind (or purposefully ignoring) the fact they are destroying a piece of Americana by changing the show from network to cable TV. Other networks have run stories on it, even catching Al Michaels more misty-eyed than ABC wants to admit.

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